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Rumor: New Modern Warfare Spec Ops and Gun Bench Details Leaked – Gaming INTEL


Rumor: New Modern Warfare Spec Ops and Gun Bench Details Leaked – Gaming INTEL

Modern Warfare Spec Ops

Back in June, Infinity Ward announced the return of Spec Ops in the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare title. While Special Ops has previously received widespread love from fans, players are eager to find out more.

Thankfully, a new rumor from TGR may have revealed new details about the upcoming mode. While it is only a rumor, please take the following with a pinch of salt. We’ve hihglighted the suppose details below.

Rumored Modern Warfare Co-Op Details

  • To begin with, Infinity Ward was planning to have a Zombies mode for Spec Ops. This idea was scrapped roughly 1.5 years into development, however.
  • Co-Op mode will apparently feature around 80 missions in total at release. An array of other missions will be saved for post-launch updates instead. Therefore, we can expect Spec-Ops to receive multiple updates throughout the year.
  • Like previous years, Spec Ops will have traditional difficulties such as Recruit and Regular.
  • Captain Price has a part to play. The specifics of this are currently unknown, however.
  • Spec Ops missions can be selected by heading over to the mission location on the open world map or on the menu.
  • In addition to Spec Ops, Co-Op also features other modes such as PvPvE 8v8 / 16v16.
  • There is a free to play component. This is apparently most likely either Spec Ops or Battle Royale.
  • At this current stage of development, there’s not much story towards Spec Ops. However, the story assets may be missing and could always be implemented at a later date.
  • Currently around 20 operators within the game. In Spec Ops, you play as the operators from Multiplayer.
  • You have the option to play as either Americans or Russians.
  • Similar to Battle Royale, you deploy out of an AC 130 and then parachute to your destination in the Spec Ops map.
  • There are special objectives scattered around the map where you can obtain certain killstreaks.
  • There is an armor system, similar to Battle Royale.
  • You can only obtain equipment, ammo, armor and more via searching throughout the map.
  • In terms of what the missions will be like, many of which feature rescue, escort and AC 130 aspects.
  • You can earn money. This carries over throughout all modes within the game.
  • The Battle Royale and Spec Ops maps are very similar.

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Rumored Modern Warfare Gun Bench Details

Activision recently confirmed the arrival of a new Gun Bench feature in Modern Warfare. Although the new addition seems interesting, the vast majority of fans are somewhat confused by the aspect.

Luckily, in addition to details regarding Co-Op, the popular YouTuber continued to reveal other information about the highly speculative Gun Bench feature. Apparently, you can place your gun on a table and you’ll then have 5 out of 9 attachment to choose from. Guns aren’t currently limited to classes and can have any attachment.

Please note that this is purely rumored information. Additionally, many aspects can be subject to change prior to the game’s launch.

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Source: YouTube/TheGamingRevolution

Expected Announcement: Q4 2019


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