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‘Stranger Things 4’ Theories: 5 Big Questions We Have After That Finale –


‘Stranger Things 4’ Theories: 5 Big Questions We Have After That Finale –


Spoilers for Stranger Things 3 follow below.

Stranger Things 3 saw a whirlwind of changes occurring in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The retro, neon-illuminated Starcourt Mall made its grand debut to the public, the Byers family made the ultimate decision to pack their things and move out of the midwestern town that’s haunted them for three seasons now, and even the series’ core group of kids found themselves experiencing some personal growth. Or, in other words, confronting puberty and making that awkward and uncomfortable transition into teenagers. It was a season that covered a vast ground ranging from small businesses and the devastating effects that Reagan-era consumerism had on them, to the emotional inner conflict that comes with growing up. All while the horrific, doom-and-gloom atmosphere of the Upside Down hovered over Hawkins in the form of the ghastly-looking Mind Flayer.

Season 3 was praised for a number of reasons, namely for turning its focus inward on the kids at its center. After a divisive second season, the Duffer Brothers switched gears for this year’s follow-up. It came at fans in a vibrant wave of 80s nostalgia, leaving behind the series’ usual Halloween/fall/Christmas setting for the Summer of 1985. It felt bigger, bolder, and returned to the form that had fans falling in love with the sci-fi series in the first place. It also left a variety of questions lingering in the air during its ultimate episode. Now, Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the series for a fourth season yet, but with the monumental success of season 3 that broke records for the streaming giant, it’s a no-brainer that it’ll be making a comeback. In anticipation of what’s to come, here are some of the biggest questions that we hope Stranger Things 4 will tackle when it inevitably arrives.


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