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Lovely Meals Lately


Lovely Meals Lately

Happy hump day, pals!

I’m officially 20 weeks pregnant and my belly is getting much bigger. I’ve been feeling plenty of kicks, which is so sweet! The indigestion (and ridiculous never-ending burping) has come back with a vengeance, but other than that, the second trimester has been pretty great overall.

It’s amazing to have my energy and normal appetite back!

Lovely Meals and Snacks Lately

I’ve been loving my overnight steel cut oatmeal with chopped Honeycrisp apples (the only apples I buy right now, so amazing) and salty peanut butter. Sometimes I add a drizzle of maple syrup and extra salt and it tastes like a caramel apple!

And the savory version! Fried egg, avocado, and sriracha. Yummmmm.

vegan tortilla soup is the bomb for lunches. I paired it with an arugula salad with farro, apple, goat cheese, and green onion. Recipe coming soon!

I made a batch of my
cherry orange bread for snacks, and it is so stellar with chai tea.
Buddha bowl night! I can’t get enough of that peanut sauce. We had a big salad plus Trader Joe’s vegetable gyoza on the side.

Pumpkin walnut burgers with roasted potatoes and a pickle! I am SO obsessed with this recipe. They’re super flavorful and they stick together really well. I want to try them with black beans, sweet potatoes, and Mexican spices next.

chipotle chili with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts is one of my favorite chili recipes. I double the beans and I always make it with this

homemade hummus has been my jam this past week for snacks. I love it with Frank’s hot sauce and Triscuits!

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We made the best brunches this weekend! On Saturday I made these
apple pancakes (I use whole wheat flour) which are always a favorite topped with peanut butter and maple syrup.

On Sunday, I made this
Greek frittata (used a bit less cheese based on what I had on hand). I added onion and fresh parsley and it was great! The canned tomatoes got all nice and caramelized, and I liked the stovetop to oven method. Jeff said it tasted like pizza, so that’s a win!

We enjoyed it with local sesame sourdough bread with avocado that we snagged at the farmer’s market.

Another snack favorite…2% Fage greek yogurt with chopped Honeycrisp and tons of Saigon cinnamon.

We have a new egg sandwich at Alchemy Kitchen and it’s 
amazing. Scrambled eggs with cheddar, dijonaise, spinach and tomato on a local fluffy black sesame bun. Be still my egg-sandwich loving heart!

Have you tried Ben and Jerry’s slices? I snagged a box on a random Target trip and OMG…it was so fantastic. I need to try the chocolate waffle cone flavor next!

Things I’m Loving Lately

WEARING: My favorite black Madewell jeans of all time (literally) are for some reason on sale for 70% off! They’re normally $135 and they’re on sale for $41. Order these if you know what’s good for you! I also own these raw crop jeans and love them…so comfy and on sale for $69. This coat looks like the coziest thing ever. Just got these cute neutral sneaks for running about town in for only $60. Love this rib duster in the sand dollar color that’s on sale for $22.97. I have a black one from that brand and it’s insanely comfy!

READING: I finished the The Vanishing Half on Kindle. I definitely enjoyed it but I don’t think it’s a book I’ll remember. I flew through The Silent Patient on Audible which is more of a suspense thriller of sorts. I totally saw the ending coming (sounds like some of you did, too!) but I still loved it and couldn’t wait to read it during my walks. Now I’m reading American Dirt on Kindle and while I’m still early on, I’m really enjoying the story.

LISTENING: I’m honestly in a huge music rut and sick of everything I listen to. Brazilian Guitar Brilliance is my go-to right Spotify playlist now for something different! I love this song.

Have a wonderful week!

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