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Torch Calories With This 2-Week Jump Rope Plan

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Torch Calories With This 2-Week Jump Rope Plan

Oh, the jump rope. Just thinking about it likely conjures memories of your elementary school playground or weekends on the cul-de-sac with your neighborhood friends.

But despite its childish stigma, a jump rope is a serious fitness tool that can yield impressive results. There’s a reason functional fitness gyms across the world are incorporating jump rope sets into prescribed workouts.

“It’s very effective at burning calories because of the fact that it can be used in interval-style workouts,” says Lee Boyce, a Toronto-based strength coach, writer, speaker and college professor. “You can have a very metabolic effect that can have you burning calories and fat while you rest (well after the workout is over) — that beats a lackluster jog any day of the week!”

The benefits of jumping rope don’t stop at torching mega calories. Not only does it improve your overall conditioning, but it also improves your aerobic capacity.

“This can have a positive impact on your load tolerance to load-bearing joints like the knees and ankles,” says Boyce. “That’s a very different capacity than traditional strength training provides and is important for connective tissue, especially for athletes.”

But when should you incorporate jump rope into your workout? It really comes down to personal preference and what your goal is for your workout.

“The sky is the limit as far as options go,” says Boyce. “You can incorporate [jump rope] into your warmup, as active rest between sets of a weight-training exercise or as a finisher to get a metabolic kick to end your workout.”

No matter if you’re a fitness veteran or somebody who’s trying to become more active, this two-week jump rope training plan will have you seeing results. Feel free to use by itself or to supplement your existing routine — all you need is a jump rope and a timer to get started.

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