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Meriwether Springs Vineyard + Tonic


Meriwether Springs Vineyard + Tonic

Here are two new-to-us spots in Charlottesville: Meriwether Springs Vineyard and the new downtown Cville restaurant Tonic. Plus Birch in the wild and Mazen’s new skill!

Meriwether Springs Vineyard & Brewery

We went out to Meriwether Springs to enjoy a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

meriwether springs vineyard view

This vineyard isn’t new – it’s been open for several years now – but it was our first visit!

The vineyard and brewery is on the grounds of the original estate of explorer Meriwether Lewis! It’s close to the city but feels like a country escape once you’re there.  

meriwether springs vidal blanc

The Vidal Blanc was perfectly refreshing, and Thomas tried the IPA which was great too. Everything was contactless (order on your phone) and we sat outside with plenty of fresh air.

cute dad drinking Meriwether springs IPA

And plenty of room to run!

toddler playing at Meriwether Springs

Check out my Cville page for more vineyard recommendations. 

New Cville Restaurant: Tonic 

The owners of Tonic didn’t let the pandemic crush their dreams. They adapted and opened doors recently. Thomas and I went for a date night to check out the new space. 

Tonic charlottesville interior by window

We had hoped to eat at their outdoor bar, which is covered, but the skies opened up and it started POURING right when we arrived. Normally we aren’t comfortable with indoor dining, but since we were there super early, we were the only ones inside and so we stayed. I can’t wait to return sometime with a group of friends and have drinks at this pretty bar!

tonic charlottesville restaurant outdoor bar

(By the way, 5:00 is the new best time for a date night! We miss the dinner + bath rush and come home with plenty of time to enjoy Outlander on the couch!) 

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Locals, this is where the Tin Whistle was! It looks quite different now. 

tonic charlottesville restaurant inside

The menu is built with small plates in mind. I honestly think this will become a lunch spot for me once regular lunches out resumes. But it was also ideal for a few rounds of drinks and a lighter dinner, which was what we were in the mood for. 

We had the brussels, mushrooms and grits; the house roast beef sandwich; and a roasted potato special.

tonic charlottesville small plates

If you love cocktails, tonics are their specialty! 

Mazen’s New Skill

Mazen informed me he now knows how to cook and made me a quesadilla for lunch.

Note the giant pile of Goldfish on his plate as his “side dish.” I’m not sure I should release all control over meal planning to an 8 year old :mrgreen: 

Who else likes being in charge of his own meals?

Birch LOVES having a lunchbox. One day he came home from school, carried it out to the porch, and opened it up for a snack! I was impressed with his independence! 

Birch in the Wild

Birch’s teacher sent me this photo of him playing with a barn in his classroom. This is noteworthy because when his teacher came to our house for a visit before school began, she brought this barn as a way to help him warm up.

He talked about the barn for the entire two weeks until school began!

During the entire week of transition days (the days I went with him and sat in a chair) he was much to scared to leave my sight and go to the other room in the classroom and look for the barn.

Then I got this photo last week of him finally reuniting with the barn! I’m so glad he’s getting more used to school. 

Look at those little slippers!

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