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No gym? No problem


No gym? No problem

No gym? No problem

Media inundates our lives, not only with news about impending doom but also with “influencers” inspiring or shaming about what should or shouldn’t be achieved while spending more time indoors. Shame is an awful motivator. Fun is the ignition.

Human nature

My grocery bill before the pandemic: $800/month. My grocery bill during quarantine from March 15 to April 15: $1,500. Did the cost of the food go up? I don’t think so. Did I hoard toilet paper and hand sanitizer like Scrooge McDuck after a night of spicy tacos at the rodeo? Nope. Am I human? Apparently …

Studies show that during times of stress, people not only eat comfort foods (higher sugar, salt, and fat content) but also eat more food. Why is this important to us? If we don’t elevate our activity levels and monitor the types of food we consume, we could end up with serious health conditions down the road. So, how should we eat, and how should we move to stay fit?

What would you bring with you to eat on a desert (not dessert) island?

Your body wants sugar; your body also wants fat. There’s no denying it. Conventional fitness advice says your body needs protein. So, who do you think is going to win this tug-o’-war? Don’t bet against your body.

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While excessive consumption of sugar and/or fats in relation to high-calorie diets is rightly villainized, research shows that there is little effect on overall health when they’re consumed in moderation. Key word: moderation!

That said, developing research shows a strong correlation between diet and psychological well-being. In other words, if you eat junk, you’ll feel like junk. Check out the new Canada’s Food Guide for some helpful pointers on what a balanced diet might look like, or better yet, get in touch with a local dietitian or your local natural health store to find out what supports are available to get you on track.

Fun-ctional fitness

If you can perform your current fitness routine in a semi-conscious state, or you are intimidated by conventional exercises, check out these three effective F-word (fun!)-worthy exercises.

Human Torpedo

3 sets of 15 repetitions

Muscles targeted: lo

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