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20 Of The Most Beautiful TV Proposals Of All Time


20 Of The Most Beautiful TV Proposals Of All Time

Alexa, play “Marry me” by Train. Nothing makes me happier than seeing two people who are meant to end up together. The WB Which means that if a TV show features a good proposal scene, there is a 100% chance that I am going to ugly-cry. Here are some of my favorites! ABC 1. Jane…

20 Of The Most Beautiful TV Proposals Of All Time

Alexa, play “Marry me” by Train.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing two people who are meant to end up together.

The WB

Which means that if a TV show features a good proposal scene, there is a 100% chance that I am going to ugly-cry. Here are some of my favorites!



Jane and Michael on Jane the Virgin

The CW

I LOVE how Jane proposes to Michael. She comes right out and says what she wants and what she’s going to do about the baby, and then proposes to Michael in front of his whole office. The moment sets such an amazing precedent for a series that was heartfelt, genuine, and empowering.


Michael and Holly on The Office

NBC / Via

Look, y’all might know that I’m no Michael Scott stan. But I’d be remiss not to include this proposal. Holly brought out the best in Michael, and their proposal is perfectly sweet and nerdy.


Brooke and Julian on One Tree Hill

The CW

I’m a sucker for simple proposals, and proposing to Brooke while on a walk in the snow felt so understated and beautiful. Julian’s speech was short but meaningful, emphasizing how he would always prioritize their relationship above his career. “Nothing else matters” was also a great callback to the first big Nathan-Haley scene from Season 1, where Nathan told Haley that nothing else mattered except needing her.


Caroline and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

I was honestly kind of shocked at how much I grew to love Stefan and Caroline together. Stefan was constantly self-sacrificing and sabotaging, and seeing him FINALLY fight that and promise to be better for Caroline was an amazing moment of growth that showed Caroline truly made him better. Marriage is about work and choosing each other every day, and I truly believed that Stefan and Caroline could do that.


Cece and Schmidt on New Girl


Oh, man. This one got me, you guys. FINALLY, Cece and Schmidt reunite, and then he proposes in a perfect callback to the first day they met, where he said he’d marry her one day. It was SO sweet and full circle.


Jane and Rafael on Jane the Virgin

The CW

This moment was so simple and sweet, yet you could tell how much thought Rafael had put into it. Watching Jane realize that the cards were references to their moments together honestly made me tear up.


Emily and Alison on Pretty Little Liars


I have mixed feelings about Alison and Emily, but seeing them push through all their differences to finally end up together (I do not acknowledge The Perfectionists) was really beautiful. Alison acknowledged what she’d put Emily through, and proved that she truly appreciated Emily’s ability to always see the good in her and the world. I also loved how it was Alison who proposed to Emily, choosing her once and for all — after Emily pined after her when they were teenagers.


Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family


Sometimes it’s the simplest proposals that are the best. Same-sex marriage is finally legal, and both Mitch and Cam plan to propose to the other. However, the evening doesn’t go as planned, and they end up changing a tire on the side of the road. Both coincidentally ending up on their knees to change the tire after reminiscing about their lives together, each of them realizes what the other has been planning. Without even asking, both say yes to the proposal. It’s such a sweet, understated moment without any fanfare, and I love it.


Amy and Jake on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fox / Via

Amy and Jake’s proposal was humorous and playful while still heartfelt and emotional. Jake planned the perfect way to propose to Amy, and it was so clear how much he respected and loved her, even if his speech wasn’t the most eloquent.


Iris and Barry on The Flash

The CW

Barry went all out with a romantic setup with candles and flowers, and the story behind the ring made this proposal all the more beautiful. I know this proposal was later discounted because Iris discovered that he’d proposed in order to save her life, but honestly, it was clear that Barry really did want to marry her here.


…and again:

The CW

Their second proposal was even better than the first, with Barry serenading Iris as part of The Flash/Supergirl‘s musical episode. It helps that Grant Gustin has an amazing voice.


Toby and Kate from This Is Us


Leave it to This Is Us to consistently make me ugly-cry. Kate and Toby’s proposal was perfect. It was hilarious, with Toby buying $200 worth of mall kiosk sweatshirts to spell out “Will you marry me?”; and heartfelt, with Toby telling Kate that she deserves a big wedding if she wants it. The fact that he asked Jack’s permission (as well as he could!) was the cherry on top of this sobfest.


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Ben and Leslie on Parks and Recreation


Ben and Leslie’s proposal was as perfect as their relationship. You could see how much they loved each other, and Leslie interrupting the proposal to look around and appreciate the moment was just so Leslie, and you could see that Ben loved her for it.


Chandler and Monica on Friends


I loved that Monica tried to propose, but also seeing Chandler express his emotions here (which he always struggled to do) was beautiful. It was amazing to watch Chandler and Monica choose each other forever. I’m not crying, you’re crying.


Aly and Winston on New Girl


Winston’s proposal was so delightfully weird and quintessentially Winston. He and Aly are perfect for each other, and I wouldn’t have expected anything less than bizarre for their proposal.


Clay and Quinn on One Tree Hill

The CW

Logan pushing his plastic ring up so his dad could have a ring to give Quinn was SO perfect and beautiful and amazing, and GOODBYE, I’M CRYING!!!


David and Patrick on Schitt’s Creek

Pop TV

David and Patrick are another couple that just made each other better. Patrick proposing to David with gold version of the rings David always wore just proved how well he knew David. David’s “Are you sure?” breaks my heart every time. Of course he’s sure, David!!


Miranda and Ben on Grey’s Anatomy


Miranda and Ben had multiple failed proposal scenes, but somehow it worked. This one just felt so them — I loved Bailey demanding what she expected from him in a marriage, and Ben’s smiling, amused acceptance of this perfectly encapsulated their relationship.


Meredith and Derek on Grey’s Anatomy


Everything about this scene proved how much Derek respected Meredith as a surgeon and a person. Derek knew Meredith so well, and this proposal was perfect for them.


And finally, Beth and Randall on This Is Us


Like Ben and Bailey, Randall and Beth had multiple failed proposals. Beth giving permission to Randall to propose and making it clear that this would only work if they were equals was so Beth and set an amazing tone for their relationship — as did Randall already having the ring on him, making it clear that he took it with him everywhere. Romance doesn’t always come from spontaneity, and there was so much love and compromise and respect in this scene that it was perfect.

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