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Toddler Fashion Show


Toddler Fashion Show

What’s new in toddler fashion world? Birch’s new raincoat, Old Navy fall staples, Mazen’s endless athletic shorts! Plus fashionable food!!

Birch wanted to show off his new raincoat! A super cute Amazon find.

Toddler Fashion

I recently got back all of Mazen’s 2T – 4T clothes from Sarah, who had borrowed them for Sawyer through the years.

I sorted, donated, and washed everything to set aside for Birch. Once we had everything we wanted to keep in labeled drawers, I realized we had very few 2T fall + winter outfits.

Boy looks good in jeans doesn’t he!?

I have no idea where the 2T clothes went (maybe I lost them at one point or donated them?) 

Thomas and I had fun shopping around and choosing some solid staples for this winter. 

Toddler Fashion Show

Here’s Birch’s winter wardrobe from Old Navy!

PS. I love how organized this new layout app is – what do you think?

Mazen Lives In Athletic Shorts

Year round!! That does make shopping easy. He has 3 pair of these black shorts I bought at Old Navy as well and they are my favorites on him.

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Birch is Instagram / Mazen is Reality (hair included!) :mrgreen:

You know who else was dressed to the nines this week?

This Bodos bagel. Have you ever SEEN such cream cheese?! I love it so I was not complaining. 

Fancy Shrimp

These garlic butter shrimp we served over whole wheat noodles were feeling fancy next to rosé in a pretty glass.

Also all dressed up…this salad


With leftover shrimp, drunken goat cheese, carrots, walnuts, peppers, and homemade dressing from my e-book!

Breakfast Accessories

I’ve been accessorizing breakfast with granola from Wegmans (an Ancient Grains kind that’s super crunchy!)….

And Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter on oats! With a raspberry necklace. 

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