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We Got a Peloton Bike!


We Got a Peloton Bike!

I resisted getting a Peloton Bike for a long time – until I realized that the benefit is in the community more than the bike itself. With a recent price drop on the first model and plans to work out at home for the foreseeable future, we decided to go for it and we’re SO GLAD we did! Here are my reasons to get a Peloton Bike.

our new peloton bike

Why did we get a Peloton Bike?

When the world shut down in March, Thomas casually asked me if we should get a Peloton Bike.

“No way!” I said. “We can run outside or on the treadmill!”

But as spouses do, he had planted the seed. As the summer went on, and I realized that home workouts were going to be a long-term plan, I started to think about it a bit more. 

I paid more attention to friends talking about them on Instagram. I read blog posts by friends about what makes them cool. The realization that we definitely weren’t going back to the gym this winter sunk in. 

And I admitted that I had no low impact options for my foot when it was stiff from too many soccer games, runs, and walks. 

Before the gym closed, I usually went to one cycle class a week. Thomas went to maybe 1-2 a month. But neither one of us would be labeled a cycle fanatic. I actually was a cycle fanatic the year of my foot surgery (2005-2006) when I couldn’t do a lot of weight bearing sports.

So with all of the above reasons to get a Peloton bike, we brought the convo back up late in the summer and decided to get the bike.

Peloton bike with a view out the window

And then…The Peloton Bike Price Dropped

Literally a week after we decided to get the bike, they dropped the price by $350. Bike+ was announced at $2,495 and the original model was now $1,895. I compared all the features of the two models and decided to go for the less expensive one. That sealed the deal! We had to wait about a month for the bike to be delivered. Delivery was free and seamless once it arrived. It only took about 20 minutes. 

Should you get a Peloton Bike + or The Original?

Like I said, the Original bike is $600 less. I think it’s worth the savings!

Bike+’s screen swivels

This means you can hop off the bike and do a strength segment or stretch and see the instructor. This was the #1 reason we considered the new bike, but I didn’t think it was a $600 difference so we decided against it.

Bike+ has “improved” speakers.

Again this would have been nice, but I didn’t consider this a dealbreaker and still don’t – see my comments on headphones below. 

Peloton bike with shoes on a mat
Auto Resistance

When riding the Bike Original you have to control the resistance knob yourself. On Bike+ it moves FOR you. I think this is really cool, but both Thomas and I agreed that we might not like that because they might make it too hard!

Apple Watch Sync

Finally Bike+ can connect with your Apple Watch to show heart rate stats right on the screen. Again that would be nice, but looking down at my watch isn’t a $600 big deal. 

The Peloton App Is Top Notch

I also started a free trial of the app so I could test out some of their other class offerings. I hooked up Thomas’s old Apple TV to stream the Peloton app on my big TV in the family room. The variety of classes is totally impressive, and I love the stats and polished format. I knew we’d be paying for the app, and so I was glad to be able to use it off the bike too. I’ve tried the strength classes, meditation, yoga, treadmill, bootcamp, stretching and outdoor running. It’s now our home gym, all in one. (I do need to buy a set of 10 and 20 pound weights at some point to really feel complete.)

Peloton app screen

App Monthly Cost

There is a monthly membership of $39, which includes both of our bike accounts plus the app access anywhere (Apple TV, Roku, your phone, tablet, etc.) Don’t tell them I said this, but I think they could easily charge twice that and people wouldn’t blink an eye. If you have a bike, the membership is well worth it. Even if you don’t have a bike, I don’t think it’s a high price if you’re primarily using this as your primary fitness solution. I will say that if all gyms were open as usual we probably would not have purchased the bike. But now that we have, we’re so glad we did. (More on the benefits of not having to travel below!) 

Here is the gear we got with our bike

We ended up getting one of the bundles you can add on to the bike purchase, and I would recommend that you just buy what you need a la carte.

A friend gave me one of her $100 codes to put towards the gear, so that brought down the cost. If you would like one of mine, it’s 373W2P.

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  • Two pair of cycle shoes. I already had a pair of cycle shoes, but they were 14 years old and didn’t have the right clips, so I decided to go ahead and get the new Peloton ones. Thomas did too. The shoes are awesome, and I highly recommend them. 
Peloton cycle shoes
  • The protective mat to go under the bike. This is actually a bit bigger than I thought it would be. When people say “You can just use a yoga mat” – believe them. Plus we’re going to be moving the bike to another room, so we probably didn’t need it. I would skip the mat unless you don’t have a yoga mat and know you’ll be putting it on carpet forever. 
  • Headphones. The headphones are great in quality, but the cords are kind of annoying, so I would just use AirPods or any wireless Bluetooth headphones. (More on sound below!) 
  • Peloton Heart Rate Monitor. You have an Apple Watch you probably don’t need the Heart Rate Monitor. 
  • 3 pound Weights – We also got the 3 pound weights for arms, although I have only taken one arm class. I’d rather lift 15 pounds off the bike than 3 pounds on 😉 
Peloton 3 pound weights

So…what’s so great about the Peloton Bike?

The Bike


  • The bike feels great and is as nice as any “professional” cycle bike I have been on in a gym. It doesn’t creak or rock and I can work out hard!
  • The screen is HUGE – bigger than I was expecting! It’s easy to tap and navigate. 
  • Clipping in and out and adjusting the seat height are all easy and intuitive. We don’t change the handlebar height, so we just have to adjust the height when we’re switching riders. 


  • The cup holders are pretty small so I have to put my Hydroflask on the windowsill next to me.
  • The heart rate monitor doesn’t always auto connect. I don’t really know why.
  • The speakers were a little disappointing – I like to ride with my music LOUD! However, putting in headphones is an easy fix for this. 
Peloton app screen class view

The Class Community

This is where the magic happens! I didn’t realize that so much of the Peloton hype was about the community of other riders. 

If you are at all competitive, you need this bike! I am, and boy does that make a difference in home workouts. 

You can compete with:

  • Other people live
  • Other people who took a class in the past
  • Friends you follow live
  • Friends you follow who took a class before you (THIS IS GOLD!) 
  • Your age group and/or gender (including non-binary) 
  • Particular hashtags (like #PelotonMoms)
  • Your past self – your previous best output record is always there!

Shout out to Mary’s Whole Life and Mama Vaughan!

Peloton Screen shot

You can also high five people who are there live whether or not it is a live class. For example, a friend and I were both on our bikes in the same class at the same time even though we started at different times and the class had been recorded a week earlier. It was so cool to race her right there on the spot. 

I had no idea so many of my friends had bikes until I started looking – it’s really fun to be social, especially during quarantine. 

If you want to look for me, I’m @Katheats! 
Kath on a peloton bike

Class Flexibility 

The classes have all the pros of going to a live class in person with non of the cons. There is no commute, you can hop on the bike at the exact time you’re ready, you can choose your instructor, you can even choose your music. When have you ever seen an all country themed ride at a public gym? NEVER. I love that there isn’t just one token country class in the Peloton library or one song here or there but over a hundred in the library! You can find so many different styles of music, instructor, and class format. Some days I want to bop to country and some days I want to grind to some hard core hip hop. I love that you can choose in the moment. 

I also get super sweaty during these workouts and that’s because the room isn’t freezing! My #1 complaint of group fitness is that other people want the room freezing with the fans on full blast at all times. I’m cold natured and always cold at the beginning and end of group ex workouts. Not in my house baby! No fans, temp warm = sweat pours out in the very best way. 

I never sweat this much at the gym!

Kath sweating on bike

My Performance

I will say that as competitive as I am and as in shape as I claim to be, I am not very high in the rankings! There will be 40,000 people taking a class and I’ll finish at like 26,000/40,000. LOL – like I said – there are a LOT of people!! 

Favorite Instructors So Far

Obviously Cody Rigsby, who seems to be everyone’s favorite! He’s hilarious and plays fun pop music. (I especially enjoyed his Lady Gaga ride.) I also really like Alex Toussaint. I took one of his hip hop classes and was really motivated (kids in the room warning: he swears!) I’ve taken classes by Ally Love, Hannah Frankson, and Robin Arzon but I prefer the men to the women! (And surprise, surprise, Thomas likes the gals best!) I am only a few weeks in, so I will have to report back. I honestly want to ride the bike every single day, so I need to try to remember to keep my workouts diversified so I don’t burn out! It’s so fun though, and I look forward to each workout the second the previous one ends!

Peloton instructor screen

Our Bike Will be Moving

Right now it’s currently in an open area of our downstairs family room next to a window.

This spot works just fine, however, my handyman Thomas suggested we insulate our utility room and add a mini split AC/heat unit and turn that into a little fitness room. Brilliant idea! The treadmill will go in there too along with a springy floor mat. He’s doing the work slowly and so I don’t know when we’ll move it in, but I’ll keep you updated!

Treadmill or Bike?

If you’re wondering if I regret getting a treadmill first, my answer is “a little.” I used it a ton when Birch was an infant because it was my only workout option. Now I use it as a walking desk and the occasional run, but if I would re-write history I do wish we’d just gotten the Peloton Bike from the start. I still love the treadmill itself, but I defer to outdoor runs and now bike rides before indoor runs. But since it’s here, it’s here to stay! And I just have to commit to using it as a walking desk more and and more : )

That’s all I have for updates for you guys!

Ask any questions in the comments. And if you have a bike, share what you like best about it too!

>> And if you want my $100 off code for any gear, it’s 373W2P.

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