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Our New Dog Patio


Our New Dog Patio

Alternative title: Whistle While You Work

Last week Mazen announced that he wanted to rake leaves on his lunch break….

That is a perk of virtual school I did not anticipate! 

Note the broken rake – he does not seem to mind. He also does not care to wear shoes when doing yard work. #notcomplaining.

We’re paying him $10 an hour, and he actually made a pretty impressive leaf pile! 

Virtual school has had its highs and lows lately. I think the newness is wearing off. Generally the mornings go well and then attitude tapers off after lunch.

Can’t say I blame him – my work habits are similar! 

The Dog Patio: A King on this Throne

Not to be confused with the human patio, the dog patio is a new little tweak Thomas DIYed in our front yard.

dog patio area

Side Yard Mud Pit >>> Dog Patio Hangout

This little side yard area next to our driveway is Gus the dog’s hangout spot. He loves to relax up here and watch the cars go by.

He also loves to prance around and tear up the grass!

As you can tell by the new grass growing on the edges, we’ve struggled to grow it back since he loves being there.

One winter after a snow storm he created a pig pen of mud up to his ankles. That didn’t go so well when it was time to come inside. 

I looked for a before photo, but I couldn’t find one. 

We debated what to do with this area of yard

Previously we fenced it off so he could let the grass grow, but he would still tear up the brand new grass when we let him back in. I think it would take years to grow durable grass.

We considered gravel, extending the deck, and even fake turf.

Thomas decided a patio would be the most durable, long-term solution, so that’s what we did. He used bluestone in a natural cleft cut. (Like this!)


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If it gets too hot, we can add a little outdoor rug (or a little turf grass rug!) If it gets too muddy, we can spray it off. 

So far, so good!

Recent Real Food Highlights

Mini biscuits from Plenty

with the very last vegetables in our fridge (including some of Birchie’s freeze-dried pea pods :mrgreen:

Big Biscuits for Sunday Brunch!

That made the perfect fuel for a double header on Soccer Sunday!

Another Breakfast enjoyed with a side of Legos : ) 

Two Super Salads

Big bowl, homemade dressing, good cheese, deli turkey, lots of greens, walnuts. 

Thomas’s homemade beef jerky on a lunch salad with Red Hot Blues.

Cook Once, Eat Twice

^^That’s the theme of our meals lately. We also have a Blue Apron box coming our way. 

We grilled steaks, made homemade mac and cheese, and parmesan green beans.

Same meal, twice as nice!

(Shout out to the Kalergis Simpsons!)

Happy Breakfast Bowl 

Yogurt, banana, raspberries, granola, pumpkin spice almond butter.

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