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It’s HERE! 20% OFF All Clean Beauty!


It’s HERE! 20% OFF All Clean Beauty!

It’s that time of year again! The official Credo Beauty sale where the best clean beauty brands are 20% off! So of course I had to stop in and share the best clean beauty brands and clean beauty products so you can stock up on the best of clean beauty this year. It ends this Sunday October 25th at midnight so Also FREE SHIPPING!

credo beauty sale

What is Credo Beauty?

Since moving to San Francisco, I’ve been a Credo Beauty addict and I think I forget that not everyone knows what Credo Beauty is. Credo is a marketplace to buy clean beauty brands and products. Similar to Sephora except the ONLY carry clean beauty. That means that everything you buy there you can be certain is free of harmful ingredients. They have several locations in the country (including San Francisco), however they also ship all across the US so don’t worry if they don’t have a location close to you. I still do most of my shopping online too!

Once a year they have an annual sale where EVERYTHING is 20% off! This is the only sale they have all year so I always take it as an opportunity to stock up on some of my clean beauty products and favorite brands. If you’re looking to try out new products or switch to clean beauty this is THE time to buy.

What is Clean Beauty?

So what is clean beauty? To be honest, the definition varies from person to person and brand to brand. My personal ethos is similar to Credo’s which they define as:

“safer ingredients backed by a standard that ensures thoughtful evaluation and an emphasis on natural materials.”

Basically, clean beauty includes products that are made without harmful ingredients that are known to have detrimental effects on the body. That doesn’t mean that all clean beauty products are free of synthetics. Synthetics can be safe and oftentimes are incredibly effective. This is especially true of clean makeup brands, which are challenging to make free of all synthetics. What I love about Credo Beauty’s clean beauty standard is that they’re transparent in all ingredients they will not stock (check out their Dirty List), require proof of claims and authenticity for every clean beauty brand and absolutely everything is cruelty-free.


Clean Beauty Products to Stock Up On

I am always looking for new clean beauty products to try and test (from Credo or not) but every year when Credo announces its annual sale I take it as an opportunity to stock up on my favorite products. These are my ride-or-die products – the ones I use all the time and know I will buy for many years to come- that I can’t live without. Since I know I’ll always be using them I intentionally stock up on them during the sale.

These are the products I’m stocking up on:

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint – my 2020 beauty obsession! This came out earlier in the year and for a year that’s been spent largely under a mask and/or without a need for foundation this product has truly been a godsend.

Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Serum – I’m so obsessed with this product I basically wrote an entire post dedicated to it. This product is my ride-or-die and truly helped to clear up my acne. It’s pricey so I’m grateful for the 20% off sale!

Ere Perez Clear Brow Gel – This along with the Mented Eyebrow pencil (not sold at Credo) are my 2020 go-to brows. This clear brow gel is everything! Great hold and volume.

ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara – I truly think this is THE best clean beauty product on the market. Anyone wanting to switch to clean beauty mascara but doesn’t want to sacrifice the volume and length of conventional mascara will love this product.

Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo WipesWhen I’m home I try to only remove my makeup with my cleansing balm and towel, however if I’m travelling I find that makeup wipes are essential. These ones from Kaia Naturals are 100% compostable and biodegradable. I just carry the case with me when I’m travelling.

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Mask + Jasmine Body Oil – If you’re looking for an effective chemical peel mask the Blue Tansy Mask from Herbivore is amazing. As for their Jasmine Body Oil, I honestly can’t live without it. It’s my favorite body oil and as a jasmine lover I douse my body in it daily.

I also use the sale as an opportunity to order some knew-to-me products that have been on my wish-list. This list is short because TBH I’m pretty much maxed out on space but I can’t help myself sometimes…

Alpyn Eye Balm – I’ve heard great things about this product! I currently switch between the Laurel Eye Balm and Indie Lee Eye Serum (both of which I love) but I can’t help trying a cult classic.

Innersense I Create Lift Volumizing Foam – I’ve been looking for a foaming hair styling product (similar to mousse) for years now. Now my hair is not short on volume but it’s more for trying a product to recommend to people who are looking for a volumizing hair product with hold. Stay tuned! -UGH JUST SAW IT’S SOLD OUT!

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The Best Clean Beauty Brands

“What are the best clean beauty brands on the market?” I get this question all the time and I wish I had a solid answer for all of you. Like conventional beauty there are SO many clean beauty brands out there each with its own ethos, product range and benefits. Every single day this number increases. But there are certain brands I trust and are my go-tos for certain products. This list is by no means exhaustive but hopefully it’s a start as you look for the best clean beauty brands to try.

Makeup Brands:

Lily Lolo – I’m a huge fan of Lily Lolo products. I find they’re best for pressed products (including eye shadow), mascara and I’m particularly fond of their makeup setting mist. Price range is super affordable as well.

Han Skincare + Cosmetics – very similar to Lily Lolo, Han Skincare and Cosmetics also makes great pressed products at an affordable price point. They have fewer products in their range but what they do have is great. I particularly love their bronzer and blush.

Vapour Beauty – what I love most about Vapour is their passion for skincare first and foremost. It’s not common that a makeup brand cares as much about skincare as they do about makeup and Vapour epitomizes this. They carry tons of products and I especially love their soft focus foundation and the wide range of shades they carry.

ILIA – I have a love-hate relationship with ILIA (mostly love!). The products they do well are some of the best on the market (lipstick, mascara, blush) and then they have others that just aren’t my favorite. It’s hit or miss with them but when it’s a hit, they hit it big! Luckily they’re awesome with product feedback and usually come back with an even better formulation.

RMS – an OG in the makeup space, RMS has been around for a while and has definitely made their mark. I would consider this more of the Glossier of clean beauty. If you’re looking for that effortless, no-makeup makeup look, you will love RMS.

W3ll People – what makes W3ll People great is their affordability and accessibility (they’re available at everyone from Credo to Target). Admittedly not the cleanest on the market but they’re reliable and I love their concealer so much though they need to improve their shade range (seriously!!!!)

Skincare Brands:

Mother Dirt – one the most affordable clean beauty brands with simple ingredients that doesn’t tend to irritate skin. Perfect for someone just trying out clean beauty for the first time. I love their face cleanser which is gentle and effective.

Indie Lee – I truly believe Indie Lee is one the best bangs for your buck. Their products are high quality but don’t break the bank. Their squalane oil is a great starter oil for anyone looking to moisturize with oils.

Marie Veronique – expensive but worth every penny. Marie Veronique’s products combine natural and synthetic ingredients that are safe for your body and exceptionally effective. I’m particularly impressed with their serums that are astoundingly good and especially their gentle retinol.

Herbivore Botanicals – I’m obsessed with their Blue Tansy mask and their bath and bodycare products are SO good and luxurious. Admittedly I’m not as into their facial oils but overall a great brand.

Josh Rosebrook – It’s hard to beat the ingredients in Josh Rosebrook products. I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything they carry but am particularly obsessed with their nutrient day cream.

Juice Beauty – their line of products is so comprehensive that there is pretty much something for everyone. From oil-free to organic facial oils there is something for everyone to enjoy. They also have makeup too though I tend to prefer their skincare products.

Tata Harper – The clean beauty OG, Tata Harper has been around for a long time and its customers are loyal. Full transparency: I don’t really use their products because even for me I think they’re insanely expensive. I’d love to try out more of their product line but even a 20% discount makes it hard to justify though the people who love, LOVE IT.

*note: this list only includes the clean beauty brands sold at Credo since it’s their 20% off sale. For a full look at the products I love check out the Green Beauty Shop where I curate all my favorite products.

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