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Surprise Trip To The Sanderling


Surprise Trip To The Sanderling

Here’s a recap of my surprise birthday trip to the Sanderling Resort!

Today is my 38th birthday!

Or as I like to say, 26 + 12! We spent the weekend celebrating at the beach. Read on to hear how and why!

I love surprises!

On Thursday afternoon, Thomas came home with a dozen tulips and a card. 

“I’d like to give you your gift early!” he said.

I was a bit taken aback, but of course I tore the envelope open! While the first half of the card was full of birthday wishes it ended with this:

…Let’s dip our toes in the sand one last time this season. Pack your bags! We are leaving for the Sanderling tomorrow morning at 11.

Love, Thomas

I had no idea!

I couldn’t believe he pulled off a surprise like this and hadn’t gotten spoiled. And he had been planning it for two months! 

I had been working on plans for weeks to meet some of my friends for a socially distanced outdoor get together at a vineyard on Saturday the 24th.

With the pandemic, we couldn’t decide when or how or where or even if we should attempt any kind of gathering. We had finally made some plans with a small group

But all of my friends were in on the surprise trip!  They did a great job of fooling me into thinking I’d see them on Saturday. 

Big thanks to Nona + Grandpa

This was our first trip away together since Birch was born.

So my first question was Who is watching the kids?! 

Thomas’s sainted parents stayed at our house so we could have a stress-free getaway. They get all the thank yous! Thomas took care of all the logistics behind the scenes. 

The Sanderling is our happy place

So when Friday at 11 rolled around, my bags were packed and away we went!

Thomas and I both love the beach. It’s definitely our favorite place to relax. 

We got engaged at the Sanderling in 2017, and we actually almost had our wedding there! Our room this weekend was one door down from the one we got engaged in. 

The Sanderling Resort was on the quiet side, and everyone had on masks. There was hand sanitizer everywhere. And for check-in, a masked staff member came out to our car to deliver our keys in a clean envelope. We felt very safe, especially since we spent most of our time outside on the beach.

Parents Gone Wild!

Upon arrival we dropped our bags and headed straight down to the water.

Blue Skies

We got SO lucky with the weather!!! After a few weeks of chilly weather, it was unseasonably warm with bright blue skies all weekend.

Thomas said just 10 days ago the forecast was all rain, but somehow that weather held off until our departure day when the rain rolled in.

Happy Hour

I always travel with Scout + Cellar cans!

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Thomas packed more surprises – a cheese board and drinks to enjoy on our balcony. 

Outdoor Dining + Dinner at the Lifesaving Station

We weren’t sure if we’d be able to eat outside or rely on takeout in our room, but the warm, sunny weather meant we could have dinner out on the decks. (Indoor dining was also an option, but we aren’t comfortable with unmasked shared air at the moment). 

Since we filled up on cheese, at The Lifesaving Station we shared a few dishes: a salad, fresh mahi mahi, and a s’mores brownie! The food was great – we were pleasantly surprised. 

Saturday Sunrise

The curse of parenting meant that our body clocks were awake around 6am on a morning we had all the time in the world to sleep in. But that meant we got to watch the sunrise!

Simple Breakfast

We brought yogurts with pecans on top for a light breakfast. Plus lots of hotel coffee.

Saturday Activities

Me: We don’t have kids – Let’s go shopping! Let’s go to Jockey’s Ridge! Want to go running! Should we go out to breakfast! Maybe we should go kayaking!?

Also me: 

Aside from a nice long beach walk in the morning, we spent the day doing nothing. We read our books. We talked and talked. And we took naps in the sand! 

Lunch On The Beach

For lunch we got takeaway from the Life Saving Station – we shared a salad and a seared tuna sandwich. 

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