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Birch Is Two!

My little baby boy is two!!

Flashback to his Birth Story!

He’s growing up so fast, as second children tend to do. 

He tries his hardest to keep up with brother – rough housing, chasing each other, and saying potty words for a laugh out of him (UGH!) #Boys

When those two guys get going, Birch will do anything Mazen says and run away from me!! 

Birch loves to sing (knows the whole ABCs), is clever with a silly sense of humor, and loves to be outside. 

He is shy and is also not fearless – he will run to me and say “I’m scared of Mazey” (if Mazen growls at him) or “I’m scared of that lawnmower.” His language is great!

I see his Daddy’s smirk here –

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But he’s such a mama’s boy!! (Unless his brother is the more fun one in the moment…!)

The Pumpkin Patch

My Halloween boy and I strolled to this pumpkin patch in our neighborhood set up by a group of families to pick out pumpkins. Such a great way to donate money and have the kids in charge of a “business.”

We picked out a nice one and took it home to the porch. 

So proud!

Flashback to his first Halloween –

And fast forward two years later

Happy birthday Birch!!

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