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Baby Hummus Second Trimester Update


Baby Hummus Second Trimester Update

Just like that, I’m almost 28 weeks pregnant! My belly is officially huge and we are getting so super duper excited for baby boy’s arrival around February 1st.

first trimester was definitely tough for me, both mentally and physically. I started to feel 
drastically different around 15 weeks and by 16 weeks I *almost* felt like myself again. The nausea, fatigue, indigestion, food aversions, and depression were nowhere to be found. It was a magical time!

All of the sudden I felt inspired to work again, even more inspired than I usually do. Having the energy to blog and the creative juices to create content (and help with the restaurants, of course) felt so reassuring. I’d heard that the second trimester is often the sweet spot before getting uncomfortable in the third, so I tried to make the most of it.

We’re currently renovating our master bathroom which is attached to the on-suite area where we’re going to put the nursery. We’re also adding a closet for allll the stuff that comes with having a baby (our house has no basement and next to no storage). Once that’s done at the end of November, I’ll actually start getting furniture and putting together that sweet space!

Physical Symptoms

  • Kicking: I first felt the baby kick around 18 weeks with just a light flutter. As the weeks passed, he started kicking constantly, and we’re still in awe of it! Now his kicks are super strong and it’s crazy.
  • Heartburn: I was so relieved when the horrible indigestion (namely burping and bloating) faded, but it came back with a vengeance aorund the middle of the second trimester with a new friend–heartburn. I don’t think I’d ever had heartburn before being pregant. It came in waves versus being constant, but there were days I took antacids several times. My stomach felt like it was on fire 95% of the time, no matter what I ate.
  • Increased Appetite: I am constantly hungry. And constantly eating. I had virtually no sweet tooth in the first trimester, which is very unlikely me. Now I typically have two breakfasts and multiple sweet treats a day!
  • Sciatica: I dealt with some really bad sciatica in this trimester that would flare up for days and then go away. All the sudden I’d be walking and I’d get shooting pain really low in my back and more-so in my glutes. I got acupuncture for the first time and I think it provided a lot of relief, unless it went away on its own! I did two sessions.
  • Leg cramps: Hooooooly moly. Around week 23 I got the most insane leg cramps at night that would then carry on throughout the day. One night while I was sleeping I was woken up by two consecutive Charlie horses. I foam rolled my legs, tried to up my water intake, and made smoothies with coconut water. They didn’t last long, luckily!
  • Shortness of breath: This one hit me like a ton of bricks. If I had a dollar for every time I told Jeff “I can’t breathe,” I’d be a rich lady.
  • Sore boobs: There was a lot of tenderness toward the end of the second trimester, which isn’t surprising since those as well are getting much bigger in preparation for baby’s arrival!

denim dress | sunglasses | Keds

Mental Health

I’m so happy to report that I’ve been feeling excellent mentally. Whereas early on I felt unexplainably overwhelmed with sadness, I’ve felt really great ever since!

I did find out at my 18-week anatomy scan that there’s a chance I have placenta previa, vasa previa, or both. I had never heard of either of those conditions so at first I was really overwhelmed. All I wanted to know was if the baby would be okay!

The doctor went on to explain that I may have a low lying placenta and marginal cord insertion, which oftentimes clear up as pregnancy goes on and are not very serious even if they don’t.

Vasa previa on the other hand is a rare, more serious condition where blood vessels are exposed that should not be. This can endanger the mom and the baby if not caught early. Women with vasa previa often go on bed rest in the trimester and deliver via section between 35-37 weeks to avoid natural labor.

After getting over the initial shock and tears, the doctor assured me while baby is totally healthy and in the 60th percentile, these potential conditions mean I’d need to be monitored more often than normal. She scheduled me for another ultrasound in 10 weeks (when I’d be 28 weeks), which I actually have next week.

To prevent bleeding, the doc said no sex, horseback riding, or anything inserted vaginally. Luckily I have not had any bleeding or pain, so I’m hoping that these potential issues are resolved at my next ultrasound!

Prenatal Vitamins

I’m still taking Garden of Life Raw Prenatal (I get the 180 count that lasts two months) and Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA since the prenatal doesn’t contain DHA. I only take one of the DHA pills a day (each pill has 240mg) since that meets the 200mg daily DHA requirement. Nordic Naturals also has a Vegan Prenatal DHA if that’s of interest!

joggers | flannel | boots


I’ve been able to be really active in the second trimester, pretty much as active as I was pre-pregnancy, which feels great! I try to work out 4-5 times a week, which is a combination of Butcher Shop reformer pilates classes, Les Mills Body Pump/Grit/”Anything Goes” circuit-style classes at The Fitness Loft, or just a long walk outside.

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I’ve had to get creative in the classes during the abs section, but I typically just do my own thing. Oh and I can’t run for longer than five minutes. I’m not much of a runner anyways, but it’s definitely the last thing my body wants right now!

It’s important to me to stay active and be as strong as I can be for delivery, plus it does wonders for my mental health.

Thoughts on Weight Gain and Body Changes

I’m including a note about this because the question of getting used to a growing body seems to come up a lot among readers. I don’t own a scale, so I couldn’t tell you the last time I weighed myself prior to pregnancy. I actually found it fascinating getting weighed at the doctor and seeing how much my body was changing! The female body is nothing short of amazing, and I truly feel so lucky to be growing a human in my belly.

Yes, of course it’s an adjustment getting dressed sometimes and nothing fitting except yoga pants (bless Align leggings), but that’s more physical than mental discomfort for me personally. I knew going into pregnancy that I’d be likely be gaining around 30 or so pounds and I was prepared for my body looking and feeling very different. There are plenty of days where I feel like crap, and that’s ok. I don’t expect or need to love my body all the time.

The focus on weight gain is yet another indication of our culture’s preoccupation with thinness. I’ve never trusted my body more than I do now. Our bodies pre, peri, and postnatal should be celebrated!

maxi dress

Favorite Books

There’s No Such Thing as Bad WeatherAhhh, how much I adored this unique book! Thank you to the reader who recommended this to me. It’s not your typical pregnancy book. In fact, I’d encourage everyone to read this for a perspective shift, kids on the way or not. It centers on the philosophies of Scandinavian parenting and how critical spending lots of time playing outdoors is for all of us but especially for raising resilient little ones, no matter what the weather.

This book made me go on a walk on a cold, rainy day—something I never do. In Sweden and Norway, children are raised spending a significant amount of time outdoors engaging in free, creative play during all seasons (with the proper gear, of course). Rather than skipping recess due to the rain, the kids all have rain boots.

Scandinavians are big fans of letting kids be kids and encouraging as much imaginative, independent, outdoor play as possible versus forces accelerated reading and academics early on. They some of the best reading scores in the world, but they don’t learn to read until they’re seven. The entertaining story line about the author’s two little girls and their time in the US versus Sweden paired with lots of research made this such a winner!

Bringing Up BebéThis was the first book I read, and I really loved it. It’s another entertaining storyline that amusingly explores why Parisian moms seem so much more calm and have babies “doing their nights” by three months. (Excellent, government-paid daycares with gourmet food and generous parental leave don’t hurt!)

French parents are very big on respect and raising independent and curious versus entitled kids, which I really aspire to do. This book has tons of relatable, valuable tips for parenting that I know I’ll come back to.

Moms on Call: I just started this one, and will likely be using it as a resource later on closer to birth. I’ve had a lot of friends recommend this book in order to prepare for the first six months, like how to get baby on a schedule and promote healthy sleeping habits for the whole family.

Taking Cara Babies Newborn Course: This is a course, not a book, but I’ve heard amazing things about this with regards to setting baby up for great sleep. I actually added this to my Babylist registry!

long sleeve top | leggings in “pine” (use code HUMMUS for 10% off) | slippers

Favorite Maternity Clothes

  • I’ve mentioned before that I live in Lulu Lemon’s Align leggings. I got a size up and they’ve been awesome.
  • P’tula new to me local brand with a line of maternity leggings, and they’ve been such a life savor! They’re extremely comfortable and I love the colors. I have black, pine and napa purple. Use code HUMMUS for 10% off! I often get asked about sizing, so I wear a size S if that’s helpful. I also have this super cozy black pullover and camo half-zip that I love.
  • Love these maternity side panel raw hem skinny jeans, which I’ve come to prefer over the over-the-belly kind. They do fall down a bit after a while…you can’t win ’em all!
  • I’m still in love with these nursing bras that I wear solely because they’re so easy and comfy. I also just this three-pack with removable straps because I needed more and I love them!

Other Must-Haves:

  • The best ever pregnancy pillow. I affectionately named him Sid and I fully intend to use him post-pregnancy, too! Soooo comfy cozy.
  • RenewLife Heartburn Stop is a great natural alternative to Tum’s when heartburn comes on strong.
  • I use this belly oil when I remember, which these days is like twice a week. I am very prone to stretch marks but haven’t gotten any on my belly yet, so we’ll see!

Questions? Thoughts? Got a pandemic baby you want to tell me about?! Leave a comment!

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