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Stars, Stripes & Cake


Stars, Stripes & Cake

It’s no secret on Instagram which way we voted. 

We voted for:

  • The end of a power hungry leader who cannot condemn white supremacy
  • A new administration focused on unity, truth, facts and science
  • The first woman AND woman of color vice president (finally)
  • Changes towards the end of systemic racism
  • The protection of women’s, LGBTQ+, and POC rights
  • The longevity of Mother Earth
  • Kindness and respect for all
  • Much more…

To me this election was not about political parties.

It was about human decency, unity, women’s rights (and those of every marginalized person), condemning white supremacy, the environment, international respect, science, and compassion. 

And it was about character. Character is everything. 

I will always stand up for what I believe in rather than hide in neutrality to maintain follower counts.

I hope you’ll stick around regardless of whether or not you share the same beliefs, but if you decide to leave over this, that’s alright with me. 

We made a Biden + Harris cake to celebrate change

And clinked glasses of bubbly in honor of the election results. 

Rewinding back… Saturday Soccer

Shortly after the news broke on Saturday, my parents were on their way here. I took Mazen to his soccer game and hear cars honking and people cheering in the streets!

Mazen played goalie for the first time!

Back at home, we relaxed for a while before heading out to a super early dinner out. 

Since it opened, we had been eager to take my parents to the Wool Factory!

We wore masks to our table and ate outside.

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Mazen was too cool for school

I had to get the 1/4 chicken platter again for those yummy sauces and homemade tortillas! Super good. Plus a beer.

And back at home, we shared the cake!

We watched Madam Vice President give her speech. I think it was the best speech of all time! She is so poised, and every word was perfectly selected. I definitely felt all the chills for all the women of the past and the future. 

Sunday morning soccer fuel

A cinnamon raisin English muffin with butter and jam

I was thankful to have Grammie and Pea to play with the kids while I headed out for a double header! First stop was women’s league at noon. I wore my Survivor buff to protect my forehead from the sun!

I had an hour break at home to eat a banana and some cheesy potatoes before heading out to our co-ed game in the afternoon. My dad came to watch and took some pics!!

Back at home, we quickly made a Blue Apron shrimp orzo that was delicious on our porch!

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

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