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Halo of Curls

You might have noticed yesterday that Birch’s curls were missing!

I know, I know. Birchie’s curls are the BEST! I love them, especially when he runs and they bounce in the wind.

But they were getting REALLY LONG…

Especially when he wanted to run peanut butter fingers through them. 

So for his 2nd birthday he got a trim!

Don’t worry – the curls will grow back <3 

And just like that he turned into a Two-nager. 

The Magic of…..Cornstarch?!

What is that powder on the couch? It’s cornstarch!! 

Our Pottery Barn sectional has Sunbrella fabric, which is great for things like a chocolate spill. (Read about the sofa we have here.)

But I have found that OIL will not come out! 

I tried dish soap and laundry detergent.

I even took the cushions OFF the couch and washed them in the machine. No luck on the grease stains (probably from a child with a messy mouth running onto the cushion!) 

Then I Googled “how to get grease out of Sunbrella” and they recommended absorbent cornstarch! 

I sprinkled it on, pressed it in with a spoon, and scraped it off. 

And then I thought for a second I had made the problem worse because I had white powdered stuck in the fabric!

But a quick vacuum with an upholstery brush did the trick.

The stains came out!!!!

I then repeated the process all over the fabric = yay!

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These boys love to rough house all over the sofa day after day!

All three photos of the boys I have to share with you today involve them hugging. *Sob*

Here is Birch making an appearance on the morning announcements.

And here is Mazen rocking him to sleep for nap. The cutest ever when Mazen offers. Note how B is stroking M’s hair <3 

Just The Two Of Us

When Birch is in school it’s just Mazen and me as buddies. He had a teacher workday last week, and we drafted this plan for our day. He enjoyed checking off the boxes as the day went on. 

It was fun to do a little workout together. He walked on the tread while I did a 20 minute Peloton ride. I will say he gave up sooner than I did, but he’s enjoying our workout room too!

Pumpkin Bowls Of The Past

Want a blast from the past? Check out my pumpkin cottage cheese breakfast!

Just pumpkin, cottage cheese, pumpkin pie spice and a drizzle of maple.

Quick omelet scramble for lunch with apples on the side. 

And oh man this Blue Apron meal was one of my favorites! Sirloin steaks, mashed taters, garlicky carrots and pan jus. I had the leftovers for lunch the next day too. Perhaps it will take a non-sponsored post to convince you that I really do think Blue Apron meals are fab : ) 

We are enjoying the fall weather and warmer temps before the long, dark winter ahead. Anyone have plans to go south for winter?

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