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From Passiflora To Leaf Piles


From Passiflora To Leaf Piles

Here are a bunch of photos from our past week, including a date night to Cville’s newest restaurant, Passiflora, and a giant leaf pile!

I took this photo a week ago and today all the leaves are gone!

At least the boys are having a blast playing in them.

Mazen learned how to use the leaf blower (the little electric one we have – not the big one!) and he’s been helping rake. He even raked our senior neighbor’s yard with his buddy and she gave them some hard earned cash! That’s a win-win-win if you ask me.

B is a little scared of the leaf blower. Look how sweet. 

Cocoon for the winter

Summer is long gone and we’re all going to turn into cocoons until March. Let’s come back as butterflies!

Mom’s painting went to Birch’s classroom. 

Gus + The Gator

Mom loves to bring Gus a toy when she visits (because he’s one of her grandchildren and she brings Mazen and Birch stuffed animals too!) Gus LOVED his new aligator!

Date Night At Passiflora

While my parents were here on Monday, Thomas and I snuck out for a date night. It might be one of our last since we only feel comfortable eating outdoors. (I really feel for all the restaurants over the winter 🙁 )

It was a balmy warm beautiful night and we ate out under the stars.

exterior of Passiflora in Charlottesville

In the former Commonwealth spot, Passiflora, which is Latin for passion flower, just opened under the Champion group folks. We couldn’t wait to try its Baja-Mediterranean-inspired menu.

Passiflora Interior

The inside is super cool – I can’t wait to dine in there someday. 

Interior of Passiflora in Charlottesville from the patio

Margs + Chips

Chips + salsa to start – yay! I tried the house marg which was excellent. Very limey!

Passiflora in Charlottesville Menus and chips and salsaMargarita from Passiflora in Charlottesville

Crunchy Chickpea Salad

We shared this salad to start. I loved the crunchy chickpeas, capers, pita chips, and tahini dressing. 

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Tahini salad from Passiflora in Charlottesville

Fish Taco + Fajitas

I ordered the beer-battered fish taco and was very impressed! The coating was super crispy – one of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. 

Thomas had the chicken and mushroom fajitas, which came with sauces and warm tortillas. The mushrooms were HEAVEN. He shared!

Fish taco from Passiflora in Charlottesville

Dessert at Chaps

Afterwards we were stuffed, but we had to stop into Chaps for a cone because it was too soon to back to the kids who were still in the bath!

I had espresso chip and we strolled the mall. 

ice cream cone from Chaps

Two Breakfast Hits

Yogurt + fruit + granola

Kodiak cakes with blueberries and butter!

Two Noodle Bowls

I had the Splendid Spoon kale pesto noodles for lunch recently – these meals are perfect when you need something healthy in a flash but your fridge is bare! I added my own cheese and it was perfect. 

They have a special promo going on right now >> Get up to $50 off your first subscription box between now and Nov 20th.

Good on these combination plans of smoothies and bowls:

  • Smoothies + Lunch
  • Breakfast, Lunch + Reset
  • Breakfast, Lunch
  • Dinner + Reset.

Family spaghetti – a weekly hit these days!

Cod with Potatoes

And this Blue Apron Cod with potatoes and a date sauce was wonderful!! We have been enjoying weekly Blue Apron so much! Since our boxes come on before the weekend, they’ve been perfect date night in meals (when we don’t have grandparents here to babysit!) A little extra special and no meals to plan or extra grocery store visit. 

Have a GREAT weekend!

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