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Friends + Food

Cheese Board To Go!

We went to an outside/distanced baby sprinkle for a friend and enjoyed these cheeses from Plenty Cville. Thomas and I ate ours way too fast! The single serve is such a great alternative for the communal abundance boards we all used to love to share. 

Single serve cupcakes – grab one and eat far away from everyone else. These were from Vivis – aka the old Sweethaus! Best cupcakes ever. 

Birch is now wearing a mask at school.

I ordered these for him and they fit pretty well. The animal faces are so fun! I also have these and I do think they fit a little bit better, but it’s nice to have both options now that he’s going through a mask a day (AT LEAST!)

When his teachers sent home the dirty ones I would pull them from his backpack soaking wet. I figured they were dunking them in some kind of sanitizing solution.

NOPE – it was ALL DROOL!

I don’t know how his teachers get him to wear it, but he’s been pretty agreeable about wearing it in public too. 

Mazen is also good at wearing his mask

Isn’t it interesting how cooperative the kids are and the adults are the ones complaining? 

Mazen and the neighbor have been playing Legos outside and wear masks since they are sort of close. It’s been a great way for them to get in some social time.

But you know your brother is your BFF!

Smoothies + cartoons on Saturday morning <3

“Bye bye fwends!”

B is liking school more and more and is so cute saying goodbye to his “fwends” at the end of the day.

I miss my friends!

We’ve been having outdoor happy hours sitting apart on patios and yards a few times a month. It’s the most life-giving activity! 

Other than that, most of my friends are fellow Peloton bikers who I hang out with each day :mrgreen:


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Bodos bagels + pear for breakfast. Birch is really into pear (and eating my food) these days. 

Sustainable Salmon + Halibut


Catch Sitka Seafoods sent me a box of their fresher-than-fresh Alaska seafood that is sustainably wild-caught using hook-and-line by local small boat fishermen and women from the pristine waters of Alaska. (AKA how it should be!) King salmon is my very favorite!!

They curate seafood boxes of flash-frozen fish so you can go from dock to kitchen without a grocery store in-between. Thaw a filet under running cool water in a matter of minutes and serve it for dinner. Check out their boxes here!

Today is the last day to get 15% off your order with the code GOODEATS. 

We had salmon for dinner and leftovers for lunch. I pan-seared it with an herb crust and served the filets with rice and salad.

Mixed Quinoa Bowl

A kitchen sink bowl that was oh-so-good! Quinoa, smoked salmon, avocado, berries, cheese. 

Blue Apron Lamb

I am not much of a meat cooker. Not to be sexist, but I usually leave the meat for Thomas. Partly because he loves to grill! But I made these lamb chops from Blue Apron and was pretty proud of myself! We had the meal 2 nights in a row. 

Don’t forget you can get $80 off your first 4 boxes until Nov 30th!

Help With The Dishes

And after all of those dishes, I had help emptying the dishwasher! 

I bring down all of the plastic and tupperware and he puts it away! Even Gus is cheering him on!

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

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