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TCM 12 Days Of Holiday Gifts: Four Sigmatic’s Ultimate Smoothie Kit


TCM 12 Days Of Holiday Gifts: Four Sigmatic’s Ultimate Smoothie Kit

Welcome to the fourth day of our 12-Day Holiday Gift Guide! Join us daily for gifts we’re obsessing over, and an exclusive offer to shop for the season…

We know it feels like you’ve been working from home for basically years now. If you’re still looking for healthy solutions around lunch time, there’s nothing we can recommend more highly than a quick smoothie packed with plant-based protein and superfoods made in your own kitchen that will fuel you with serious nutrition without taking a lot of time — or sapping your energy like a heavy meal.

The key to a superfood smoothie without a lot of effort? This ‘shroomy smoothie kit from one of our favorite brands.

Plain and simple: Four Sigmatic are the ones who put mushrooms on the map. No, not the kind of mushrooms you’re used to buying at the supermarket or the ones your weird uncle takes on wild weekends. We’re talking about functional mushrooms like reishi, chaga and lion’s mane that have quickly become one of the top trends in wellness over the last five years — and with good reason.

Used as an ancient form of medicine for thousands of years, these mushrooms have been studied for their potent effects on our mood, immune system, and focus.

Four Sigmatic Founder, Tero Isokauppila is the real deal. Having grown up foraging for mushrooms on his farm in Finland, being in lock step with nature was—well—second nature for him. Like all things Scandinavian lately, Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffees and protein powders caught on quickly and now we find that even our parents and their friends are in on the stress-adapting benefits of Cordyceps, Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Lion’s Mane.

We can’t stop having following along with everything these funguys make, which is why we are featuring Four Sigmatic’s Ultimate Smoothie Kit in TCM’s 12 Days of Holiday Gifts.

THE GIFT: Four Sigmatic’s Ultimate Smoothie Kit. Still think protein powder is just for “gains after pains”? Nada. A plant-based protein smoothie is the one of the best mid-day meals available — and won’t crash your energy. This smoothie kit provides everything you need to make quick, delicious, plant-based smoothies with whole-food ingredients, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms to support your immune system.

The whole kit, with three full-sized, top-selling flavors and additional Mushroom Blend make an incredible gift for under $100. 

SMOOTHIES, BUT easiER: PLANT-BASED Protein Powder (x3) Four Sigmatic’s plant-based Protein Powder provides 18 grams from five pure organic vegan proteins and every scoop is jam packed with seven of their most powerful organic functional mushrooms and adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Eleuthero for added occasional stress relief and energizing benefits.

In the Kit, you’ll get full sized canisters of this do-it-all protein powder in classic Sweet Vanilla, Creamy Cacao (our favorite), plus the incredibly versatile, Unflavored that lets you build in any fruit or flavor you like. 

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While most protein powders are filled with synthetic additives and ingredients that end up causing a lot more inflammation than restoration, you won’t find grains, gums, stevia or other fillers here.

WFH HERO: Mushroom Blend Mix Into the idea of superfoods and functional mushrooms, but don’t know where to start? Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Blend contains 10 functional mushrooms designed to support your immune system like nobody’s business. Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps and more will fuel and fortify you. No mushroomy flavor, no caffeine, just the ‘shrooms and a bit of rosehip extract. 

Earthy and smooth, a scoop of Mushroom Blend Mix dissolves quickly in smoothies, coffee, and tea, and can even be added to soups, baked goods and other recipes to add functional immune system benefits throughout your day. This blend will keep your immune system strong and your mind at ease.

SHAKE ME, BABY: Four Sigmatic Protein Shaker Don’t have a blender? Shake things up no matter where you are. If you’re not in the mood for a full-blown smoothie, mix some Plant-based Protein Powder with water or plant-based milk for an on-the-go boost, or add some of your favorite elixirs, powders, and spices alongside the (we can’t stop thinking about Peanut Butter!) Plant-based Protein Powder for some fancier convenient smoothie action. 

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED:Because once you master a good, simple smoothie you’ll never look back. 

Superfoods and adaptogens can be confusing. And so can plant-based proteins! This kit demystifies everything and provides you with intelligently-blended plant proteins and more than a dozen superfoods when you use the products together in a smoothie. If anyone in your life needs help figuring all this ‘wellness stuff’ out — this kit is a perfect gift!

WHY IT MADE THE GIFT GUIDE: For us personally, functional mushrooms have become a non-negotiable during a year when immune health is top of mind. Few of us realize that a lack of protein throughout the day can also weaken our strength and immune health.

With so many of  us and the loved one’s we’re gifting this year working from home, including a smoothie kit in our gift guide was a no-brainer. There’s no better life hack than a superfood smoothie to keep your energy high during the work day without triggering that afternoon slump.

Four Sigmatic is the leader in the mushroom category and they pride themselves on rigorous third-party testing and ingredient sourcing. Inside each adorable shroomy tin, canister, or package, sits a powder that was basically picked by hand to be good for you and for the environment. There are a lot of brands and products out there who are trying to tap in to what Four Sigmatic has already established, but few with half the integrity, knowledge base, and quality standards.

The Ultimate Smoothie Kit embodies Four Sigmatic’s holistic approach to fortifying all of the body’s systems that are needed to keep the immune system balanced. They never promise quick fixes or silver bullets, but they do emphasize a long-term commitment to one’s mental and physical health for endurance, stamina, and strength you can feel. 

Our goal is always to educate and inspire you. Brands like Four Sigmatic are aligned with us there and, for that reason will often find a home in our stories and recommendations. Try the Kit because it is fun, convenient and good for you — a brilliant way to get a family member excited about healthy eating!

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