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Red Firetruck & Purple Potatoes


Red Firetruck & Purple Potatoes

Do you ever just close your eyes and pretend things are back to normal? That you have your office holiday party tonight, a babysitter and date night to a cozy restaurant the next, and a steamy hot yoga class planned later in the week? The longer this staying at home season goes on, the more the sadness sinks in. I feel a light at the end of the tunnel, but I have a feeling the tunnel is longer than we even realize. 

Here’s how we spent our weekend

Mostly at home and away from other people…dreaming of days spent a vineyards with friends.

Thanks to my BFF Lauren for the cute ornament!

Friday Dinner: Soup + Crusty Bread

We actually had really warm weather over the weekend. The temps were in the 60s and it was lovely to get outside. I am already dreaming of April!

Loaded baked potato soup

With a side of baguette

Saturday: Workout + Breakfast

I used to get up and cram into the ACAC group ex room with 60 other people on Saturday mornings. It was the one thing worth getting up at 6:30 for!

This weekend I was awake at 6 and decided to get my workout done for the day, so I went down to the basement fitness room and did a 30 minute holiday spin class followed by a 20 minute HIIT class.

The HIIT class was so creative having us me go through the 12 days of Christmas with a different move for each day. 

Minus the 60 friends, it was a great workout! 

Breakfast after was an English muffin, eggs, and pear. We are all really into pear right now!

Playroom Playtime

T-daddy went golfing and Birch and I had the playroom to ourselves. (Mazen was at his dad’s this weekend.) 

We played Legos, chef, and trains for quite a while!

Naptime x2

I had a big salad for lunch and we both took naps!

Greer Playground

After naps Thomas was home and we all headed to Greer Elementary School for some outdoor time. 

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We have found some really awesome playgrounds at the elementary schools, and they tend to be empty on the weekends as well. 

Birchie loves this one for its firetruck!

And the cool play sink!

I had fun in the giant spider web!

Blue Apron Dinner

This is where the purple potatoes come in – from Blue Apron! Aren’t these the most beautiful shade of lavender?! With steaks and veggies, this was the perfect date night in. (Although give me a candlelit restaurant any day!)

Facetime with Big Boy

Mazen loves these faces on Messenger! Crazy how cool the tech is these days. 

Sunny Sunday

On Sunday the temps reached 70!! It was fabulous. We had egg sandwiches and grapefruit halves and did a bunch of productive and fun chores like putting the finishing touches on all of our holiday appreciation gifts (me) and pressure washing the side yard steps (Thomas).

I also cooked two Blue Apron recipes for Sunday + Monday night dinners and played soccer with my father in law all afternoon! 

And you know when there’s a 70 degree day in winter it meals snow is on the way. As of today they are calling for 8-10″ here in Charlottesville. OMG. 

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