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6 Foraged Decor Ideas For an Affordable Chic Holiday


6 Foraged Decor Ideas For an Affordable Chic Holiday

Do you live in the mountains or the city? The desert or the suburbs? We love
to forage giant branches to throw in vases or
pitchers and tiny sticks and leaves for projects just like the below. Maybe you’ve got acres of woods nearby or just a few trees in pots on your city block. Either way, at least one of these ideas are workable and will look gorgeous in your home for the holidays…

A foraged tree star | A few foraged twigs and a bit of string are all that’s needed to create this charming star on top of the tree by
Gardenista’s contributing editor, Justine Hand.

A modern hoop wreath Blogger
Allisa Jacobs is the creator of this uniquely modern wreath we can’t get over. Follow her DIY this week or pin it for next year. Truth be told, this is the type of wreath you could leave hanging all winter long!

Dramatic mantel garland | Gorgeous, fluffy garlands like these can be expensive to buy fresh. Why not DIY it? We adore this version from Erin Francois of
Francois et Moi whose site is packed with DIYs that feel as elevated as this!

natural Gift wrap |
Caroline from burkatron can show you how to make these clay gift tags, however we’re swooning over her simple styling with plain craft paper colors, twine and bits of foraged branches and leaves.

Rosemary + cinnamon Tablesettings |Brazilian design site
Casa de Valentina shared these festive table ideas that could be snipped from the neighborhood or swiped up at the grocery store. No matter how small or simple your holiday is this year, having fun foraging details like these can make everyone a bit more merry.

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