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2021 Word of the Year


2021 Word of the Year

Here’s the 2021 Word of the Year post! Make sure you read my Hindsight Is 2020 post first.

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I don’t believe in setting lofty New Years resolutions. Partly because when it comes to expectations I am a Rebel. (Take Gretchen Rubin’s quiz here to find out what you are!) 

I like to live freely in the moment and prefer not to put pressure on myself.

But I think it’s a great idea to set some intentions, a mindset and/or a loose plan for your life when the New Year’s bell strikes midnight. A word of the year fits the bill. 


New Years is one of my favorite times of the year (aside from the weather…) because I love a clean slate.

As I look back on my last five word of the year posts, I think each year was actually very well summed up by its word. It’s hard to tell it was the chicken or the egg, so I’ll say it was both! 

So when I’m choosing a 2021 word of the year, it’s hard to tell if I’m choosing it because I’m already doing it or I’m going to morph into it next!

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The 2021 Word of the Year is Foundation

Perhaps I am craving deeper roots after all that was 2020. In many ways, everything we knew was flipped on its head, and I think we are all craving stability and the feeling of being grounded in 2021. You never know what is round the bend.

Here are the ways I’m embracing Foundation this year

Foundation in Family

Obviously the love for family grounds many of us. Our families are why we work, why we make sacrifices, and why we love. Our children absorb everything around them, and the more confident and strong we are, the better they are as well.

My goal in this area is to create predictable routines and traditions that bring us closer and carry us through the years. Rhythms around chores, getting outside in nature, doing one new family activity each week, and planning special trips (even if they’re just for a local hike or picnic in the short term.)

We had so much fun on our Christmas tree hunting adventure that we agreed we needed to put more effort into planning outings together to get up and out of our house.

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Foundation in Money

During the second half of 2020 I discovered the Choose FI podcast. We also watched the Playing with Fire documentary. I’ve been doing lots of research into the FIRE (financially independent retire early) movement.

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Before you roll your eyes, know that I’m not trying to retire this year! But there is SO much good information in the community about how to optimize your life, spending, and time and I am eating. it. all. up. I have a whole blog post in the works about my thoughts.

All that to say, a strong financial foundation is a big goal for the 2021 year.

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Foundation in Health

I have long said that I think our everyday habits create the foundation of our health. So this one is an easy one to apply!

My daily habits include:

  • Getting 8+ hours of sleep
  • 1 big mug of coffee
  • Eating 3 meals and 1-2 snacks based on real food
  • Usually having a salad for lunch or dinner
  • A diverse, rainbow of different foods on rotation
  • Some kind sweat session (most days)
  • Time outdoors (as long as it’s not raining)
  • Something sweet after lunch
  • Wearing SPF
  • Daily walks to and from preschool
  • Maybe a glass of wine
  • Taking supplements
  • Using clean beauty and low-toxic products in our home
  • A family dinner
  • Time to unwind in the evenings
  • Reading a little each day
  • A tidy home (that counts for mental health, right?!)
  • Wearing a mask in public and washing my hands :mrgreen:

These habits all line up for a strong health foundation.

Some areas of improvement:

  • Unplugging more
  • Multitasking less
  • Staying under the recommended 7 glasses of wine a week – eek!
Sidebar: Self Improvement Course Bundle

If you’re looking for a self improvement kickstart, check out this awesome collection of 75 self-care courses for $75 that launched on New Year’s Day. I purchased a similar bundle for entrepreneurs last year and it was an amazing deal. I asked to be an affiliate for their programs because I think they are such a great idea!

The course topics range from:

  • Nutrition
  • Finance
  • Mindful eating
  • Veganism
  • Sustainability
  • Manifesting
  • Stress management
  • Clean Beauty

Check it out!

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Foundation in Business(es!) 

Thanks to those of you who took my survey! I can’t wait to dig into the responses and create a content plan for the coming months. There will be a nice mix of lifestyle + evergreen topics.

I other exciting news: I am diving head first into my course these next few months!! My blogging pace might slow a touch, but once it’s built it will be business as usual around here – hopefully with another side hustle going in the background!

My vision for the future of my business overall is to have three foundations to stand on each that serves a slightly different purpose:

  1. The blog, which I hope always will be a place of casual mix of lifestyle and healthy eating. I don’t take things too seriously around here, and I decided a while ago I want to keep this space casual. 
  2. Beautycounter, a side business I am passionate about that allows me to serve clients and play to other my strengths. (If you want to learn more about safer skincare, I’m hosting a 5-day email class this week that starts today. Sign up here!) 
  3. My course, which is still mostly a concept, but I hope to bring it to life this year. I invested in a course program to guide me through – I want to do it the right way! My dream for this course is to broaden my reach and make a difference in the lives of many who want to be more organized. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself what this blog is and what it is not. It’s not a stunning recipe collection full of drips and styled photo shoots (although sometimes I try!). It’s not a resource guide packed with expert-written articles or a site managed by a team of people. It’s a personal blog, written by a gal trying to figure out how to live her best life (simply!) like the rest of you.

Thank you for following along!

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