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We Ate, We Drank, We Played


We Ate, We Drank, We Played

Here’s part II of our winter break activities!

Today is the first day in a looong time I’ve had to myself. I’m planning on working on my course all day, and I. am. pumped! I had planned to relax my way through the break, but in true Kath fashion, the minute I sat down to do nothing I decided to do something big! 

I will be doing a call out for founding members through my email list soon (those of you who have expressed interest will get first dibs) and once that first group has complete it, I’ll be doing a live event and making it available for everyone! 

So when it wasn’t 6am, nap time, or the evening, this is what I was doing:

We played.

And played!

And played.

And played (Clue!)

And played…

And played…

And played!

New Year’s Eve

For NYE, we ordered Lampo and had champs from Scout + Cellar. And we were asleep at 10!

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We drank a lot of smoothies (all 4 of us)

Made some great dinners

Salmon + Mushroom “Risotto”

This Blue Apron Chicken stole the show!

(Here is the recipe – will def make this again)

Family Taco Night

Our shells were too fragile to stuff, so I made open-faced tacos. Tostadas perhaps? So good this way!


Thomas made us chalupas for lunch the next day. I think I liked this even more!

Meal Prep

I roasted baby carrots

…and made an awesome Mediterranean salad.

These rice and grain packs from Whole Foods were perfect as the base! (I haven’t tried the coconut rice yet!) I added feta, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, bell peppers, chopped spinach, walnuts, cranberries, and olive oil and lemon. So good! 

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And last but certainly not least, I made some updates to our living room! 

More in an upcoming post : )

Happy New Year!

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