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Beautycounter Clean Deo: Clean Smells Good on You


Beautycounter Clean Deo: Clean Smells Good on You

Looking for a clean deodorant? The brand new Beautycounter Clean Deo works, smells great, is free of aluminum, and comes in a refillable package.

two hands holding clean deo

I’ve been using the Clean Deo since May a.k.a. all sweaty summer. In soccer games, at the beach – all the sweaty places. While I have tried several other clean deodorants, this one is by far my favorite. Here’s why.

Beautycounter Clean Deo Review

The deodorants I used in the past

Prior to getting the new Clean Deo in the mail I was using Dove deodorant, which I’ve used for about 20 years minus a few trials of cleaner products here to there. I had yet to find a clean deodorant that I liked.

Previously I tried Primally Pure’s Charcoal deodorant (borrowed my sister’s) and wasn’t wowed and Ursa Major and didn’t like the scent or feel.

I DID like the scent of the Native Coconut deodorant, but I found my sweat smell a little too present.

I am SUPER PICKY about deodorant smells and the only deodorant (until now) I ever loved was Dove’s Cucumber Melon. It worked and smelled good. But it was an anti-perspirant and my long-term goal was to find something clean I liked. So imagine my excitement when I first learned that Beautycounter was making one. 

I keep my life simplified by sticking to one brand I trust for all of my personal care needs, and I was glad to be able to check one more product off the list I wouldn’t need to go find at a drugstore when I ran out.

Beautycounter Clean Deo in a box being held by hands

Beautycounter Clean Deo Scents

When my package arrived I was so nervous because the scent of a product can either make or break it.

This isn’t a little serum that sinks in – this is a product you’re going to get whiffs of all day long! I ordered the set of three so I could try them all.

Fresh Coconut – a refreshing blend of tropical coconut, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla. BY FAR my favorite!!! I love the smell so much, and it’s gentle and subtle. It smells just like you put your nose in a jar of coconut oil and is the most “unscented” of the three.

Clean Rose – a modern bouquet of freshly cut roses, with notes of geranium and pepper tree berry. This one is my second favorite. I like the smell a lot. It is a big stronger than the coconut (aka I can smell it on) but I really like the smell so that’s ok!

Soft Lavender – soothing notes of lavender with a hint of sweet vanilla. The lavender started out as my least favorite because lavender in general is not one of my favorite scents, but this scent has really grown on me! If you love lavender, you’ll love this one. It’s more of a French lavender than a pure essential oil lavender, if that makes sense.

Clean Deo peeking through the box window in two hands

What’s the Ingredient list like?

Cornstarch and Baking Soda: Work together to help absorb wetness and keep skin dry, while also helping to neutralize body odor.

Coconut Oil and Shea Butter: Natural emollients rich
in essential fatty acids and nutrients to help skin feel hydrated, nourished, and smooth.

Candelilla Wax and Beeswax: Aid in conditioning and hydrating skin.

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Beautycounter clean deo on a gray cement table with plants

So….Did it work?

I was nervous to try the Clean Deo because honestly I didn’t expect it to work!

I figured at best I might be able to wear it in the winter, but didn’t count on it working in the summer.

But I honestly haven’t missed Dove one bit! The only times I smelled anything bad wafting from my bod were times when I either forgot to reapply or put it on too quickly aka didn’t get a thick enough layer on.


  • The scents are great – especially the coconut and rose
  • I had no trouble with sweat smell or underarm irritation.
  • I didn’t have any kind of “detox” period (see below)
  • There was no need to reapply during the day. I do put deo on after every shower, which sometimes is twice a day, so I might use it more than the average person. But I never had to stop what I was doing to put more on.
  • Refillable containers! While the initial product is $28, the refills are $18, saving plastic too. By making The Clean Deo refillable, Beautycounter cut its water, fossil fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 47%.


  • Thick formula – Compared to Dove, the formula is thicker and I have concentrate when applying to make sure it swipe it on evenly and consistently. However, once it’s on, it’s not sticky, which is great. The Ursa Major I tried was menthol-y and sticky and I didn’t like the feeling at all.
  • Not clear on clothes – To be fair, I have never found a deodorant that doesn’t make my black clothes white if I drag them by my armpits. This one is no different – put clothes on carefully.
  • It’s not cheap. But this is one of those “vote with your dollars” times that you get what you pay for. If you want to support a B corporation taking steps towards improving quality of product for people and planet, then this is a good one.

Overall: I’m a fan and I’ll be using this for the long haul!

You can buy Clean Deo here and refills here.

Yes this is summertime me because the Deo was supposed to launch in Sept!

kath holding 3 clean deos

Clean Deo FAQs

Why We Sweat

Sweating is natural and necessary. It’s part of our natural detoxification process, helping to remove heavy metals and harmful BPAs from the body. It’s also a way for the body to regulate temperature. That said, no one likes the smell that often accompanies armpit sweating!

What’s the difference in a deodorant and antiperspirant?

Deodorants (like The Clean Deo) work to neutralize odors, whereas antiperspirants control and prevent sweat—using ingredients like aluminum, which can plug sweat ducts and prevent the body’s natural detox process.

Why is the Clean Deo safer?

The Clean Deo is formulated without aluminum, which can potentially clog pores and hinder the body’s natural detoxification process. Plus, Beautycounter doesn’t use synthetic fragrances, which can be linked to negative health effects. (Shout-out to our 100% ingredient transparency policy for ALL products.)

You might need to sweat it out!

If it’s your first time using a natural or aluminum-free deodorant, it can take several weeks for your underarms to transition away from the bacteria and toxins that have been trapped in sweat ducts by antiperspirants.

I didn’t experience any kind of “transition” phase, but if you find that things are a little worse at first, this is why. Give it some time before you truly make a decision. Beautycounter has a 60 day return policy with free return shipping, so if you don’t love it – just return it.

Charcoal Can Help Detox Your Underarms

To help speed the process along, you can use the Charcoal Face Mask on underarms once a week, and wash underarms daily with the Charcoal Cleansing Bar or the Counterman Charcoal Body Wash, which is what we keep in our shower. (Tip: get the Charcoal Mask for free when you upgrade to our rewards program below.)

trio of clean deos with lid off on gray background

How to save money: Sign up for band of beauty

Sign up for Band of Beauty when you make a Beautycounter purchase. Band of Beauty is a VIP membership, like Amazon Prime. It’s $29 a year and does not auto renew. You get free shipping on all $100+ orders, 10% back in product credit each time you shop, and a welcome gift – a mini size set of our Overnight Peel and Charcoal Face Mask (to help detox your armpits, if you need it!) – when you spend $50 or more.

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