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Why Blue Apron’s Wellness Recipes Get My Thumbs Up


Why Blue Apron’s Wellness Recipes Get My Thumbs Up

Here’s a deep dive into the new Blue Apron wellness recipes and the superfood ingredients they offer. This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. 

Why the Wellness Recipes Get My Thumbs Up

We have been enjoying Blue Apron for the past few months, and I have a good sense of the variety of meals they offer. Plus the addition of the wellness recipes means even more healthy food to come to your kitchen!

If you’re like to try some wellness recipes, sign up here for $60 off your first 3 boxes.

A few reasons why the Blue Apron wellness recipes get my thumbs up:

  • Use of fresh whole food from a variety of food groups
  • Focus on nutrient-dense superfood ingredients
  • Commitment to small farms, humanely-raised meats and sustainable seafood

Blue Apron recipe cards on a gray background

Fresh Whole Food

As many you know, I have a holistic view of nutrition that is founded in real food. (Read more about my approach to real food here.) My definition of real food is “food that is minimally processed and maintains its natural integrity.” I believe that the best diet is one that includes a rainbow of real food from a variety of food groups.

Since Blue Apron recipes come with food in its whole form plus spices and sauces used to season them, you cook everything yourself so you can control how much of everything goes into your recipes. Plus, you’re cooking from scratch and becoming a better home chef, which will serve your health for years to come. 

Focus on what you DO eat, rather than what you don’t, and make sure you’re getting a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods –  like the ones shown below!

lots of blue apron ingredients all lined up with lots of vegetables

Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

When I choose my recipes each week, I most often look for recipes that have a large portion of vegetables and complement the others in my week. I’ll choose a fish, a beef, and a vegetarian recipe for variety in both flavor and nutrient profile. Nearly all of the recipes have a balance between protein, complex carbohydrates, and produce built in, plus plenty of spices for an extra dose of antioxidant power. 

bunch of kale in my hands of Kath Eats

Some of the nutritious ingredients that came in this week’s box:

  • Miso – manganese, copper, zinc, antioxidants
  • Turmeric – anti-inflammatory benefits, decreased cancer risk, improved cognitive function, blood sugar balance, and more
  • Kale – lutein (known for eye health), fiber, vitamins K, A, and C
  • Mushrooms – antioxidants (particularly selenium) plus fiber, copper, and B vitamins
  • Brown rice – fiber, manganese, selenium, phytonutrients
  • Cilantro – a variety of antioxidant phytonutrients
  • Sweet potatoes – rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C and other antioxidants, fiber
  • Garlic – an excellent source of manganese and vitamin B6 plus unique sulfur-containing compounds that support many different health systems


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slicing radish and cucumber on a cutting board

Sustainable Seafood and Humanely Raised Meats

I was excited to see Vital Farms eggs in our box! This is a brand I frequently choose from Whole Foods. I look for pastured-raised eggs for both the superior nutrient value and the ethical conditions for chickens to roam. Pastured eggs have been found to have higher amounts of vitamins A, E, omega 3s, and vitamin D when compared to conventional eggs. (Source)

pastured eggs

Spotlight On: Miso Ginger Rice Bowls

This recipe is one of the wellness recipes that you’ll see more of in Blue Apron’s weekly menu choices. We loved these bowls! The miso-ginger-honey sauce for the rice was EPIC, and I learned a new technique to cook soft boiled eggs! (7 minute boil + ice cold water = perfect soft yolk!) 

ingredients for Blue Apron radish bowls

eggs under ice water

This bowl was packed with crunchy vegetables, plenty of flavor, fiber and nutrition, and was simple to make. It’s the definition of: real food can be super good and super good for you! 

soft boiled egg dish on gray background in a white bowl

Try The Blue Apron Wellness Recipes

While I think Blue Apron’s recipes have always had good nutrition in mind, the new wellness recipes are particularly focused on vegetables, fiber, complex carbohydrates, superfood ingredients, and a little bit lighter overall. 

This dish was one of the wellness recipes. If you’re focusing on your health this year and want to make the steps to cooking fresh, real food as simple as possible, consider getting a few boxes to kick start your year. I’d love to cook these with you virtually! 

Sign up here for $60 off your first 3 boxes.

Blue Apron egg and radish bowl

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