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The Long Winter


The Long Winter

The long, dark winter

We’ve known this winter was coming. And it’s here. Nowhere to go indoors. No gym, sauna, hot yoga, or indoor pool for kid energy release. No airplane flights to look forward to. Just cozy life at home.

And literally doing this puzzle 100 times! What can I say? The kid loves trucks. 

I always struggle in the winter, on a normal year.

If the sun is out, I’m OK.

But when that cloud cover is thick and gray, I definitely have trouble keeping my mood lifted. 

Things that help: getting outside, reading fiction (esp. a tropical escape), watching Survivor (so bummed there isn’t a new season), vitamin D supplements (I take 2000 IU a day all winter), and my cozy robe

Friday Chili

On Friday night I had a happy hour with my neighbors around a fire pit, and we made a big pot of chili with cornbread.

Trader Joe’s cornbread mix – it’s the best ever – but it crumbled when we took it out too hot from the pan! Oops!

On Saturday morning we had omelets, whole wheat english muffins, and pear slices. (I ate a bunch more pear slices right from the cutting board.)

I got in a great Peloton ride, and we had a visit from Nona!

New Loungewear from Athleta

I traded two Athleta gift cards I received for my birthday for the Triumph Hoodie and the SUPERSOFT Salutation Joggers, which are on sale right now. These are like the Align leggings from Lululemon, but loose in the legs with pockets. NEW FAV! 

Leggings on the top, joggers on the bottom. Supersoft buttery fabric!

I also bought some masks! Believe it or not, all the masks I have were handmade or gifts. I needed more. I love that these masks have words of hope on them: Kindness, Peace, Love. They are silky soft and very nice.

Playground time!

Walk Downtown

Birch woke up early and a little grumpy, so we all got out of the house for fresh air.

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Going to the downtown mall makes me feel connected to people, and it was uplifting! I love where we live, and I really miss the community. 

When he saw the giant crane, his mood lifted!

Piles and piles of leaves on the way home.

Chili Round II for dinner

Yes those are Fritos!! A T-daddy chili special. And Scout + Cellar Zinfandel. 

Easy Like Sunday morning

Larabar sent me their new cereal to try – I love the Cashew Cookie bars, so this was good! The clusters are huge and it was super crunchy. 

B helped me package up some Beautycounter gifts for some clients. He wanted to open them back up. 

We played a “worker” game while Thomas rode the bike, and then I went out for a long walk. I decided to take a day off of soccer in exchange for a walk outside to rest a little hip pain I had last week.


For lunch I heated up some leftover noodles with a few handfuls of baby spinach, red pepper, and some JM Stock ham in a skillet. All topped with Parmesan cheese. The ham totally made it!

I’m at that point in the winter where I just don’t find big salads very appealing for lunch, so I’ve been sautéing spinach whenever I can. This started as literally 2+ cups!

Nap time

And then we all took naps!! I’m reading The Giver of the Stars from my library and while it took a long time for me to get hooked, it’s really good now and set in small-town Kentucky. 

Birchie is reading Wheels on the BusSeriously if you have a toddler, buy this book immediately. The popups are awesome!!

Lampo Lift

I picked up Lampo to take to our friends’ house for dinner – they have a newborn baby! While I only got to see him from a distance through the door, I hope he’s not one year old before I can hold him. 

How are you guys getting through the long winter? 

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