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Meditation For Kids


Meditation For Kids

If bringing more peace and calm to your entire family is on your 2021 to-do list, here is a bit about our family meditation experience and my recommendation for a good meditation for kids!

socks on a yoga mat in a fitness room

How our meditation for kids came to be

Shortly after we finished our basement fitness room, we all piled in there one evening after the boys were squeaky clean from their bath.

“Let’s do some family yoga!” I said.

I quickly searched YouTube for kids yoga and the first thing that came up was this guided treehouse meditation. So instead of yoga, I thought it would be fun to do a meditation for kids that guided their minds. I pushed play and waited to see what would happen as a woman with a calming voice began to walk us into the coolest treehouse ever.

At age 8 Mazen knew what to do

Mazen, clearly having done some guided meditation for kids in school (YAY SCHOOLS!) knew just what to do. Much to my surprise, he laid down and closed his eyes.

mazen doing family meditation

But what about the toddler?

I thought there was no way Birch, age 2, would settle into quiet. He ran a few loops around the room trying to get our attention. However, once he saw Mazen and me relaxing with our eyes closed, Thomas encouraged him to come to “his mat” and lie down. Soon after he was resting and listening with the rest of us – for the whole 16 minute track! 

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It was quite magical!

Even Gus was an enthusiastic participant! 

We have since done a family meditation about once a week 

I’m trying to find the balance between making it special and making it routine. 

The Benefits of Meditation are endless

Meditation can help with so many different mental challenges

Even though I’m 38 years young, I really enjoyed the treehouse track myself! It was wonderful to relax into childhood play in my mind. The hostess said things like “You are safe. You are loved.” It was great!

I am definitely someone who is challenged with a racing mind, and I did some meditating in college while studying Buddhism. While a completely empty mind held in silence might be the truest form of emptiness, I much prefer a guided meditation. (Probably because it’s a bit easier.) I also prefer to lie down – sitting cross-legged is hard on the back!

I have since done a handful of the Peloton meditations at the end of my workouts. They are usually only 5-10 minutes long, but they’re a great way to make myself pause with some peace and gratitude before hitting the shower. 

More Calming Ideas:

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