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Post-Workout Snack Inspiration – from the JSHealth Team!


Post-Workout Snack Inspiration – from the JSHealth Team!

We love a good post-workout snack! Remember, it’s important to fuel your body after working out. Great options following exercise include meals or snacks with a balance of protein, carbohydrates and good fats. The JSHealth team have shared their personal fave post-workout snacks below as inspiration!

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The JSHealth Team’s Favourite Post-Workout Snacks & Meals

  • Jess  – Director and Founder – “I’m a fan of the JS Power Protein Smoothie after working out. So delicious!”
  • DeanCEO – “I get my post-workout protein in with a JSHealth Chocolate Brownie Protein shake or add it to oats with berries.”
  • ZoëHead of Design – “I love the Blueberry & Hemp Seed Smoothie from the JSHealth App.”
  • CarolineHead of Growth – “All about a bowl of JSHealth Nice Cream with Vitality X Collagen added for extra nourishment!”
  • JodiClinical Nutritionist – “My go-to is eggs and avocado on toast.”
  • LyshSocial Media Manager – “I love to refuel with a blueberry smoothie with JSHealth Vanilla Bean Protein!”
  • KelCustomer Relations Manager – ” If I’m in a sweet mood: protein smoothie bowl with PB, or a savoury mood: toast with avo and tomato.”
  • RobynGraphic Designer – “Literally anything with avocado and/or cheese!”
  • LolitaHead of Copy & Editorial – “If I feel like sweet, I have a brown rice cake topped with nut butter, berries & cinnamon. For savoury, I’ll go for raw veggies with guac!”
  • PhoebeJess’ EA + ‘Office Mum’ – “Carrot sticks with almond butter and the JS Açai & Vanilla Bean Protein Smoothie Bowl from the App with lots of peanut butter on top are my faves!”
  • VicHead of Content – “I reach for boiled eggs + hummus for savoury, or the JSHealth Green Smoothie for sweet!
  • SarahCommunity Manager – ” I keep it simple and delicious with a JSHealth Vanilla Bean Protein smoothie.”
  • KirstyInfluencer Relations Manager – “I love avocado + cucumber on crackers for savoury, or JSHealth Vanilla Bean Protein with lots of blueberries and almond butter – always!”
  • Eva – Head of Paid Media – “I love a banana and PB smoothie with JSHealth Cinnamon Scroll Protein when I finish training.”
  • Ashleigh Head of PR – I’m a big smoothie girl post work-out! I’m never too hungry straight after working out, so smoothies are perfect as they’re refreshing, keep me hydrated and the protein fills me up till my next meal.”

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