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Evergreen, Wintergreen


Evergreen, Wintergreen

Life lately: new skis for Mazen and me, good eats, and lots of February!

Mazen and I are ready to ski!

Last year Mazen learned to ski, and I brushed up on my skills. 

The lines at the ski rental were so long and rental fees add up. We knew if skiing was something we were going to stick with, we should go ahead and buy our own gear.

Now we can go straight from car to slopes (buying our lift tickets online) without encountering any people, which is key for COVID safety as well. 

We went to Freestyle, which is a local shop here in town, and were properly fitted.

I knew I could look for used gear or comparison shop online for a discount, but I also knew correct fit would be key and we wanted to support a local store. So I got a nice women’s setup that should last me until I am ready to retire from skiing!

Here’s what I bought:

Look at the INSIDE of these!! They are so cozy.

Mazen’s skis are used

Since he’ll likely outgrow them! And we can trade them in next year for another used pair. 

Birch will learn next year

We hope! This year he’s happy prancing around in his boots.

And staying cozy with his animals <3 

Especially Koala! He’s the favorite. 

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Meals Lately!

Eggs, orange, English muffin + PlayDoh. 

What was next to me: 

Tuna Salad Melts

Taco Night!

Blue Apron Panko Chicken

This dinner was EPIC – especially the hot honey sauce and cilantro rice!

Sushi Takeout!

Miso soup, edamame, fancy tempura tuna roll and some lighter rolls on the other side. 

Spaghetti + Meatballs!

Lego Brother Time

Haircut Time

Meditation Time!

Peloton Time

Look who I did a ride with – Michael Scott!!

Story time

We LOVE the “How Do Dinosaurs…” series!

Thinking of you all in Texas and other areas hit hard by this winter weather <3 Stay as warm as you can friends. 

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