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What I Like About Being A Beautycounter Consultant


What I Like About Being A Beautycounter Consultant

Curious what it is really like to be a Beautycounter consultant? In honor of Beautycounter’s 8th birthday, I’m sharing what I honestly love about being a consultant and what I actually do week to week! Scroll down for a special anniversary promo on my favorite age well line! 

Kath Younger applying blush.

Happy 8th Birthday to Beautycounter!

This spring will be two years since I switched to safer, more sustainable skincare, so I’ve been with the company for a quarter of its life. It’s been awesome. I only wish I had started sooner!

I receive questions regularly about what it’s like to be a consultant in the day to day. What does the work look like, and what I do I like about it? Here are my thoughts!

Why I Joined As A Beautycounter Consultant

There are a lot of misconceptions in this industry that you “have” to spend money and you “have” to do certain things if you want to join a company. That is all wrong, and not how I roll anyways!

The way you run your Beautycounter business is 100% up to you. You decide who, what, where, when, how, and how much!

Like most people, I said “no thank you” 20 times before I said yes. I knew it was a great company, and I had no doubt I would like the products. I loved Beautycounter’s mission, but I didn’t want another “thing” to have to do. 

What I didn’t know yet was that the “thing I have to do” has turned out to be one of my favorite parts of KERF to work on!

Kath Younger holding white marble tray of Beautycounter products.

What I Like About Being A Beautycounter Consultant

Now, almost two years in, I enjoy the Beautycounter side of my business even more than I imagined I would. I honestly look forward to working on it week after week. And while sometimes it can feel a bit repetitive, being a consultant is so satisfying in more ways than one. 


Becoming a consultant has taken my creativity to a new level. Whether it’s designing educational email series or creating cute thank cards to send to my clients, I love that this feels more like play than work.

Beautycounter HQ provides consultants with an abundance of resources to run your side hustle/business, but I enjoy having the freedom to share things in my own way – the KERF way. 


I didn’t know I was craving this community until I was immersed into it. I’ve been a solopreneur for many years; I had just become accustomed to doing things alone.

But when you join as a consultant, know you’re not doing this alone. I instantly became a part of a larger team and quickly formed new connections with other consultants that have turned into friendships. We even get to see each other in person occasionally (I can’t wait to resume travel again!). 

My day-to-day job as both a blogger and a mom can be quite lonesome, and the Beautycounter Zoom calls, team meetings, email updates, new product announcements, webinars, and daily Voxer chat with other consultants is all very stimulating. It’s the perfect blend of having the perks of a large company and working at home, when you want to.

Learning New Things

One of the things I was nervous about when I started was that I didn’t know much about skincare. I tried to be as authentic as I could about the reasons I joined the company: I wanted to learn about skincare AND I admired Beautycounter’s mission to change the beauty industry for the better.

I now know so much more about skincare, beauty products and ingredients, and the problems and changes in the beauty industry, and it’s been an enjoyable ride along the way. Beautycounter has SO much information and training available to consultants that if learning about safety and sustainability in the beauty industry is your goal, you’re in the right place. 

You can also rely on your mentor (me!) to answer your questions, and you’ll be connected with consultants with all kinds of backgrounds – from aestheticians to makeup artists to doctors to marketing gurus. I have learned so much! 

Consistent Income

Having Beautycounter as an additional stream of income has been fruitful for our family. You obviously don’t just “strike it rich” or make a ton of money instantly. It takes time and consistency to build a client base.

But the good news is you are helping people choose skincare solutions and getting rewarded at the same time, so it’s a win-win. When things got a little rocky in 2020 and my ad revenue plummeted overnight, I felt especially grateful to have this steady leg of my business that continues to grow. 

Hand holding mini Overnight Resurfacing Peel and Charcoal Mask.

Weekly Things I Do As A Beautycounter Consultant

The work varies day to day, week to week, but that’s what keeps it interesting!

These are some of the things I may have on my to-do list any given week:

  • Mail out samples (and design a Google Form to collect interest) 
  • Create individual, customized skincare regimens for clients
  • Design email content
  • Schedule (online) events and craft copy and materials to use during the event
  • Send thank you notes or email reminders to clients
  • Share video tutorials on Instagram or Facebook (join my private Facebook group here!)
  • Participate in a team call 
  • Listen to a new product training video or call
  • Take product photos or make graphics

Again, this work looks different from one consultant to the next. Play to your strengths: if you’re a social butterfly, you may excel at executing social events (post-pandemic, of course). If you’re into the digital space (like me), you might find yourself deep into emails and spreadsheets. You can do all of these, or none of these things. It’s totally flexible!

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Beautycounter Consultant FAQs

How much does it cost to sign up?

$50. Yes, really – that’s it! For $50, you get a Digital Enrollment Kit which includes your personal website and backend office + access to our extensive training platform. You’ll also get me as your mentor, and immediate access to the 25% consultant product discount. 

Are there monthly minimums or requirements?

There are no monthly minimums. As a consultant, you can purchase what you want, when you want. There is only one activity requirement to maintain your consultant status which is $1,200 in volume every 6 months. This includes anything that people buy through your link as well as anything you purchase. 

And I know what you’re thinking: if you don’t get to $1,200, terrible things happen, right? NOPE there is no penalty. You just get converted to a Band of Beauty member (with great perks!).

Literal worst case scenario: you paid $50 to get 25% off for six months (and if you already use the products yourself you saved way more than $50!). 

I am a blogger and am an affiliate with other companies. Is this similar?

Similar, yes. But better! As a blogger, I’ve worked with a lot of different brands and affiliate programs, and Beautycounter’s commission is by far the best. You earn 25-35% commission on everything you sell, plus more if you decide to build a team.  

But I don’t have a blog or use social media. Can I still be successful?

100% yes. MOST Beautycounter consultants are not bloggers (there’s just a small percentage of us who are). Utilizing social media really helps (it’s 2021!), but you don’t have to have a huge online presence to be successful. While being active online helps you reach more people faster, you can also tap your talents as a natural connector in your real-life community to help you build your business.

How much time do I need to dedicate? 

That’s entirely up to you. It’s simply about being consistent. Whether you have 20 minutes a day or 2 hours a day, showing up consistently over time pays off. There are consultants from all backgrounds and walks of life — everyone from a mom of three juggling homeschool schedules to a full-time physician has found success. You work when you want to (that’s the best part!).

Hands holding Skin Twin and Dew Skin.

Okay, I am intrigued!

If you’re interested, shoot me a message through this form and I’ll email you back if you’d like to ask more questions.

Or if you want you can sign up here. Just make sure to select “Katherine Younger” as your mentor so I can follow up with next steps and help you get the ball rolling.

Anniversary Set

In honor of the March 4th anniversary, Beautycounter has brought back the limited-edition Countertime Deluxe Mini Set and is giving a FREE full-size Brightening Oil with any purchase! This set is refillable and petite in size so it’s a great way to try our best selling age-well line without its full price tag. 

Countertime Deluxe Mini Set with brightening oil

Plus, if you add on the Beautycounter rewards program for $29, you’ll get two more petite size hero products – the Overnight Peel and Charcoal Mask – to complete your whole mini collection! Plus free shipping!

Beautycounter overnight peel and charcoal mask in a hand with countertime set in background

All my favorites together!

a set of beautycounter mini products

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