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Playing Hooky On The Slopes!


Playing Hooky On The Slopes!

On Tuesday, Mazen and I skipped school and took a day trip to Wintergreen for some skiing. Here are the highlights!

Our day trip to Wintergreen

Our Ski Day Recap

Wintergreen is about 45 minutes from Charlottesville. We are so lucky to be able to drive to the mountains for a ski day and the beach for a weekend!

We had plans to go several times earlier this year to use our new skis and they kept selling out of lift tickets just when we were ready to buy (we also got rain and an ice storm other times). So this time we were determined to make it happen! 

We started with a big breakfast to get us energized, and we dropped little Birchie off at school before we left. 

breakfast before our day trip to Wintergreen

Logistics of Our Day Trip to Wintergreen: Driving, Parking, Gearing Up

I was a little nervous to be the one in charge of all the logistics – parking, gearing up, getting to the slopes safely while carrying our skis. Put two anxious people together and you start to melt down! We went slowly, hit the bathrooms, and went straight to the slopes since we bought our tickets online. (Of course my lift ticket card was invalid when I got to the bottom but they let me through to get it fixed!)

our day trip to Wintergreenour day trip to Wintergreen

We had a GORGEOUS day!!!

Look at those mountain views!

day trip to Wintergreen

We pulled up our face masks in the lift lines. There weren’t too many people out there at all – the beauty of a Tuesday – and we didn’t have to wait at all. 

day trip to Wintergreen

Our new skis and gear were awesome!!

our day trip to Wintergreen

our day trip to Wintergreen

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Lunch Break

Thomas told me from their last day trip to Wintergreen February there was a pizza window, so we planned on that for lunch. It was pretty good pizza after working up a nice appetite!

Does this boy look happy or what?! We shared a cookie, too. (Note the bangs – he gave them a trim!!)

Lunch break on our day trip to Wintergreen

Mazen is an amazing skier now!

He beat me down every hill in half the time. By early afternoon we had gone down all combinations of the green (easy) slopes and were starting to wonder if we should try Eagle’s Swoop. I think the jump from easy to intermediate is actually QUITE a big jump, so we weren’t sure! But after a while we decided to just go for it. I asked a staff member if we’d be able to wedge our way down if it was too steep and he said yes. 

Do we look scared!?

Our day trip to Wintergreen

At the very top! You can see the green slopes in the background. We went slowly, but we did it! And then we did it again. So fun to have more paths to try. Next time we’re going to try some of the other medium-level slopes. 

Mazen skiing on our day trip to Wintergreen

Back in Cville…

Thomas and Birch were doing sports of their own!

My knees gave out before the rest of me, and I was glad to take off those boots around 3:00. 

We came home and whipped up this Blue Apron stir-fry that tasted SO great after all that time on the mountain. 

Hope you all have a springy weekend!

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