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Kids’ Hobbies: The Jurassic Period


Kids’ Hobbies: The Jurassic Period

We are currently going through a big dino stage in our house: the Jurassic Period of Parenthood! Here are some more of our kids’ hobbies plus a very special date night!

We’re going through the Jurassic Period around here

aka the period of time when you breathe dinos all day long! Apparently Birch is a little ahead of the age curve :mrgreen: 

Birch calls them “dinos” instead of “dinosaurs” and it’s super cute!

This is his favorite book.

We also have an older version of this 5 piece set and it has gotten lots of play time recently. 

And going way back to the 80s….90s??? My mom found these. He wasn’t so into the coloring part, but the folding and playing was fun!

More Toddler Hobbies

Underpants!! Playing with them more than wearing them….


He’s obsessed. 


B knows more about them than I do! Thomas knows where real trucks are and they have a routine of going to see them after school. Might trucks be the modern day dinos???


His favorite stuffed animal! Thanks for the book, Grammie!

The Lion

Our daily walk to visit the lion (who is actually a dog with a “mane” <3). 

Mazen’s Kid Hobbies

Include LEGOS – all day, everyday. 

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Silly String 

(A hobby I am not thrilled about…)

And…hair cutting!

Gasp – I let the boy cut his own hair. I mean, could it be any longer in the front!?

I didn’t attempt it myself because he wouldn’t let me touch it. But it actually turned out ok…when wet and brushed. (Professional haircut will be coming next…)

He who must not be named

We won’t talk about the hobby that put a 2″ hole in my Pottery Barn couch – through the down cushion itself. It’s not a good one!

Mom + Dad’s Hobby: Dinner at Fleurie

As for us, after all that playing with the kids’ hobbies, we finally went on a date!!

Since we’re not comfortable eating indoors, we’ve had to push through the winter until we could enjoy patio dining again.

Thomas’s mom is fully vaccinated now and offered to play with the kids while we went out for a 5:00 dinner on one of our first warm spring days. 

We had imagined a quick bite on the downtown mall, but that turned into an anniversary-level fancy dinner at Fleurie

T’s mom told us “do something very romantic” and the Fleurie patio was set up beautifully with heaters, so it seemed like the ideal spot. It was a very special evening. 

We were pleasantly surprised with a pre-fixe menu and several hidden courses as well – like this mini app plate!

Salad Courses

Entrées: Seabass + Duck

Dessert: Lemon Cheesecake + Creme Brulee!

We left with hearts and bellies very, very full <3 

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