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Lessons Learned From Hand Washing Dishes


Lessons Learned From Hand Washing Dishes

Our dishwasher broke a few weeks ago – here are lessons learned from hand washing dishes for a few weeks! Plus real food we ate on said dishes.

We’ve been eating up a storm over here, which means the dishes are cranking through the dishwasher at record speed. 

And that dishwasher has been me!! (And Thomas too – we share the task!) 

Our dishwasher broke a few weeks ago. 

We had a Whirlpool Gold for the past 6 years. It was awful and was getting worse. 

Last year the heating element broke and cost $150 to repair. 

But the worst part was that the dishes came out dirty. There would be residue on all the glasses and crumbs hidden in plates. Whole pieces of food would still be stuck on plates. I had resorted to hand-washing most of our dishes before putting them in, which was a waste of time and water. 

So when the Whirlpool died, I was secretly happy. 

I consulted with a dishwasher expert, my mother in law, who said without hesitation GET A BOSCH. A quick check with Consumer Reports confirmed that Bosch is the leading dishwasher brand. So we ordered this Bosch!!

It took to ship but arrived yesterday and should be installed today (fingers crossed). 

Blue Apron General Tso’s Chicken!

Lessons Learned While Hand Washing Dishes

Hand washing didn’t really add much time

I wash dishes by hand every night. Pots, pans, the cutting board. Plus, I used to have to rinse off the main dishes we used to get the big food pieces off before loading them into the dishwasher. So it actually didn’t take that much more time just to wash them all by hand and be done. 

Not having to unload the dishwasher was amazing!

This is the chore I usually do first thing in the morning, and I was so nice to cross it off my list! Would I trade not having to load and empty it for standing at the sink longer? Maybe. The thought crossed my mind!

The silverware was the worst part

Washing a plate wasn’t bad….the cups were a little annoying (especially when my hand wouldn’t fit) but the silverware was the worst!

We don’t have a drying rack

We use drying pads because I refuse to have a rack on my countertop, but it would be nice to have a collapsible one for times like this. And if I didn’t have a dishwasher ever again, I would find a pretty rack and use it. Or one that goes over the sink like this

My hands got very dry!

The extra time under water really dried out my hands. I had to use extra lotion. I don’t really like kitchen gloves, but I have used those before and they are a good solution!

The dishes didn’t feel as clean

I got a little worried when we had chicken juice in the sink that the dish soap wasn’t really sanitizing them very well. And we missed spots more than the dishwasher would. Dishwasher – 1. Hand washing – 0. 

It encouraged minimalism

One reason why we each have two coffee mugs, and Birch has three plates, and Mazen has more than one water bottle is because these dishes get “stuck” in the dishwasher for a day or two. But washing everything the first time meant we never had that waiting game for something to go through the cycle. If we really went dishwasher-free forever, we could get by with a lot fewer dishes. 

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Overall, I’ll be glad to have a dishwasher again! But it was an interesting “experiment” for a few weeks!

Real Food

Smoothie in a Paper Cup

It sure was convenient to recycle my Daily Harvest cup instead of washing a real one! I love this cookie-like flavor – Vanilla Bean + Cacao. 

Orange Ya Glad The Dishwasher’s Back?

“Egg” Salad

Salad with an egg on top – a classic “what to have for lunch” solution. Plus peppers, cheese, and chips!

Frittata + Crudités 

We tried to stick with washable plates for most meals, but I did toss in some paper plates for a few quick lunches. Like this frittata from Plenty Cville with eggplant dip and veggies. 

Cheese + Spinach Quesadilla

with peppers, sour cream, and red, hot, blues after a hard soccer game! 

Blue Apron Pesto Panko Salmon

I’ve said it before, but any Blue Apron dish with panko gets an A+ from me! 

Rosemary Steak + Potatoes

I love the steak meals because Mazen loves them too! This one was SO good. 

Steelhead Trout with Crispy Skin

And a mustard-cream sauce with Brussels and peppers. I told ya we have been eating up a storm. Blue Apron keeps our menu rotating so we’re never bored.

(And through the weekend, you can get $100 off here.)

Birch helped me do some spring cleaning!

Playing in sunshine <3 

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