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Our Favorite Breakfasts


Our Favorite Breakfasts

Here’s a recap of our recently meals, favorite breakfasts, plus some news about Birch’s ponytail!

Sheet Pan Pancakes FTW

Have you made sheet pan pancakes yet?! I’m trying to make them at least once a week because in about 15 minutes time we have breakfast for at least a few days! It’s actually kind of crazy how quickly four people can eat a sheet pan of pancakes. I should probably start making two batches!

Get the recipe here: Whole Wheat Sheet Pan Pancakes

Oatmeal + Smoothies For All

Mazen has recently turned against oatmeal!! But Birch still loves it. He calls it “Eatmeal” and when it’s placed in front of him he says proudly, “I LOVE EATMEAL!” 

Also: can we get a shout out for strawberry season!?!

Ice Cream Smoothie

I recently brought out the tamper stick that goes in the top of the Vitamix. It pushes the ingredients to the sides so you can use less liquid. The result: ice cream texture!

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Our final favorite breakfast?

One made for me!

Mazen prepared this hot chocolate and toast breakfast for the family early one Saturday morning. I didn’t mind in the least that he made the hot chocolate with half and half and probably didn’t wash the teapot first. We had to partake!! 

The bunny house was a Target spring product we did together a la gingerbread house.

Egg Scramble for Lunch

My go-to when I don’t have any other proteins to use up! Peppers, spinach, eggs, cheese and Red Hot Blues on the side. 

Recent Blue Apron Dinners

This Chorizo with Potatoes dinner from Blue Apron was really unique! A casserole bake of chorizo with potatoes, peppers, almonds, herbs, and figs! 

Cajun shrimp with zucchini, peppers and rice and a saucy sauce! Kombucha on the side.

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This booch is one of my favorite brands. I thought the Bubbly Rose would be a bit more rosy, but it was still delicious. I’m trying to do kombucha instead of wine during the week days! (Note the label so other family members don’t gulp it down :mrgreen:

Seared Scallops with rice, citrus salsa, pistachios, and mint! Loved this combo as well.  

And Southern-spiced tilapia with homemade cornbread and slaw.

Homemade pizza night on a warm evening to wrap up the week!

Birch got a hair trim!

He went with his dad to visit a job site to see the big trucks, and Thomas sent me this photo of the ponytail they had put on his head!

Mama gave him a snip the next day : ) 

Looking just like little Mazey here!

Mazen’s haircut is next!!!

Your reminder to wear a mask and be kind <3 

Yoda mask + Kindness mask

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