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How Do You Organize Your Fridge?


How Do You Organize Your Fridge?

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 I have always loved seeing what other people eat and how they organize their homes. This post marries the two with the question: How do you organize your fridge!?

How do you organize your fridge?

I know this can be a polarizing topic!

There are some best practices for food safety: experts will tell you not to put the milk on the door because it can spoil the fastest. (We drink ours too fast for this to be a big concern…)

They’ll also say to put the meat on the bottom so any drips will be contained. I always put my meat/fish on a plate for this reason! My bottom shelf is right above all the fresh produce. 

Fruits and veggies should be stored separately at different humidity levels. 

But beyond the storage zones, how you actually organize your fridge is up to you! 

Fridge Organizing Tips

I found a bunch of good articles on tips for storage from labels to magnetic racks to stick-on and slide-in drawers.

Favorite Storage Items

While I love so many of those tips, particularly the containers and labels, I always lean towards the simplest option: have fewer things in there to begin with and you don’t need to label each drawer! 

When it comes to organizing what’s left after you’ve pared down your fridge contents, I don’t think you can go wrong with a few of these bins! And I swear by our egg organizer. We probably should invest in one of these for seltzers because every so often we end up with cans spilling out of the fridge and onto the floor if a certain elementary-aged child doesn’t open the box correctly!

We generally don’t have trouble finding the food in our fridge thanks to a fairly minimalist approach. My goal each week is to eat almost everything before we re-stock on Sundays. Sometimes we have fruit (like citrus) carry over, or eggs, but my goal is for all leftovers, ingredients, and fresh items to be consumed. 

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Here’s How We Organize Our Fridge

I’m using the little pink basket to corral our weekly Blue Apron dinner ingredients – the knick-knacks and meats. Any veggies or fruits go in the appropriate drawers. Potatoes, cans, and room temp things in the pantry!

Our fruit and cheese drawers are always full.

I also like to have a tall area (where we store dinners) left open bottles of wine or other tall packages, like a to-go bag or cake!

Sauces and things go on the door

I am always trying to minimize those…

And gasp – I have been storing my milk in the door.

It’s just such a great, easy-access spot where you can grab the gallon without knocking anything over. We are usually in and out very fast, so the door doesn’t hang around at room temp for long, and we drink it in a few days time.

But the best place for milk – we can all agree – is in the back on the shelf – next to where I have the dinners. I bet I could swap out some of the shelf foods to make a nice spot for the milk. 

In my next fridge I’d love to have one of those third drawers between the fridge doors and the freezer. We use our big drawer for drinks and overflow, mostly because you have to open both doors to access it. 

What fridge hacks or tips do you use in your home?

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