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Ferry To Bald Head Island


Ferry To Bald Head Island

We took the ferry to Bald Head Island and are settled in breathing marsh air (which isn’t always pleasant, haha)! I have a weekend recap coming atcha today. I hope to publish a post each day this week as “live” as I can make them (noting times might be inconsistent each day). Stay tuned!

Friday: Ferry To Bald Head Island

We caravanned down with T’s parents on Friday. The car trip was long and uneventful (always a good thing) and we made it on time for the 2 p.m. ferry. We were pleasantly surprised by the lack of people around – a benefit in terms of lines and germs!

Home Away From Home

It’s been a while since we were last here at my parents’ marsh house, yet it feels so familiar!

The View

The weather was a bit misty but the views were great, as always. 

Fishing ASAP

The boys went right out to the dock and started fishing ASAP! Mazen has already caught 10+ little fish and one sheep head!

Dinner: Turkey Meatballs

Since groceries here are expensive, it’s always great to bring as much food to cook as you can. We planned our Blue Apron box so we could bring two meals to share, and it was so convenient to know everything we would need was right there in the box. 

Turkey Meatballs with Zucchini with Paste e Fagioli 


Breakfast: Bagels For Days

We always bring Bodos on trips because they travel well and don’t require a lot of fuss. Bagels and CC for days!

Morning Mist

What started as a misty morning turned into a sunny, warm day!

Bald Head Island Tour

We gave Nona and Grandpa a tour of the island in our golf cart and then we ended at the beach to see how it was. 

Beach Nourishment Pipe

We were surprised to find this huge pipe on the beach and the beach width to have nearly doubled! They are pumping sand and water through the pipe and it will be dismantled when they are finished. 

More Fishing

You’re going to see a lot more of it, too! Mazen is hooked (HA!). 

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Playground Visit

We’re obviously keeping our distance from other families and wearing our masks when we’re in public. We had the playground nearly to ourselves for an hour in the late afternoon, and the boys were in heaven. 

Sip Sip

Nona and I were in heaven too because we got a late afternoon cocktail from the pool bar while we supervised 😎 

Dinner: Steaks + Mashers

We had our second and final Blue Apron meal on Saturday night – steaks with mashers and a fig sauce with roasted cabbage and carrots. So delicious!


On Sunday I went for a cool morning run around 7. I only covered about 2.75 miles, but it was enough to set a good mood for the day. 

Bagel #2

With blueberries!

Golf + Pool

The men went golfing and the women took the kids to the club pool.

Pool Rules

The pool is open at reduced capacity and you have to make a reservation to ensure lots of distance between chairs, etc. Masks are required on the deck. Crowded pools are never fun even in normal times, so I am happy with these temporary changes! It was nice to know we wouldn’t be fighting for chairs and would have our own area to spread out.

The Pool Heated, a Little

The pool is heated to about 79 degrees, so it was tolerable, especially for late March.

Just a Dip

Mazen did a full swim, but I just got my knees wet. Birch loved the zero entry area, and the water toys were a big hit.

Salad For Lunch

We made salads with a little of this and that from the fridge and put B down for his nap.

That’s a wrap for now, friends!

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