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Beach Day! (And Then We Got A Flat Tire…)


Beach Day! (And Then We Got A Flat Tire…)

Here are more pics from our trip to Bald Head Island!

Everyday Waffles for breakfast

Here is Grandpa’s recipe: Everyday Waffles. He whips egg whites and then folds them in – light and fluffy yet perfectly crispy.

Pool Morning

We opened the pool yesterday! It was WAY too cold for swimming, but guess who jumped in anyways (hint it wasn’t me!)

Watering Can Game

Birch went back and forth to the baby pool filling his watering can and then bringing it back to “rain” on me. 

The Perfect Beach Lunch

  1. Sandwich with pickle and greens
  2. Crunchy sides (x3)
  3. Oreo

Beach Day

Somehow we all ended up matching at the beach yesterday!

Red, blue, black and white!

It was chilly and breezy but sunny, and we had fun hunting for shells and making a sand castle. 

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Date Night

Thomas and I got to enjoy a date night outdoors at Horizons! We sat outside with our coats zipped all the way up, but since that was our only option, we were totally happy. 

I had two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, and we shared a Smoked Mahi Dip to start. It was actually really really good! Reminded me of smoked sardines. 

Salad Course

We shared a double sized Horizons Salad next. 

Fresh Catch

And split a flounder entree with a crab-butter sauce, asparagus and peas, and cheddar grits in the back. 

That sunset! 

Dessert Mess

I think this was called “Chocolate Mess” on the menu. We intentionally saved some room! That is marshmallow fluff on the edges!!

Flat Tire

OH YEAH – and we had our tire blow out on the way to the pool! The men were golfing (again) and we had to catch a ride to the pool with a nice man and his daughter while the cart got towed. Luckily we stole the men’s cart to get us home, and then had to go pick them up. It made for a little bump in the road (HAHAHA) but added to the excitement of the day. It’s all fixed now!

I’m enjoying sharing things in real time (although I’m a day ahead of you guys!) I’m remembering how easy it is to blog in real time because you just write about your pictures! See ya tomorrow <3 

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