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Stop And Pick The Dandelions


Stop And Pick The Dandelions

A little bit of life lately!

If you stop to pick a dandelion…

You know the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? Showing a toddler how to pick and blow dandelions is of the same nature! Once he starts he can’t stop!

Most of the time I have to blow them for him or they end up stuck to his tongue 😆 

Back to routine

The boys went back to school on Monday, so we’ve been back to our weekly routine. Call it a mom sandwich: parenting hard in the morning to get everyone fed and out the door, work and alone time from 9-2, and fun and games in the afternoons. 

We just upgraded our smoothie cups to these stainless cups and have been really happy so far! I love that you can use a straw or drink them like “coffee cups.”

HB eggs, orange, blueberry bread

Scrambled eggs, mango, toast with jam

Lunch salad with leftover steak and squash

Afternoon Activities!

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We’ve been playing baseball with Mazen after dinner in the evenings in the front yard. The whole fam seems to be getting into the sport! I don’t have any Mazen pics to share because that boy runs so fast I can’t capture him <3 

Patio Before

Consider this your before pic of our patio. It’s been a mess since we moved all the furniture up to the screened porch. I just bought some new rocking chairs for the screened porch (These! A steal!) so the bigger ones can move down. We also need new benches because our old ones are 10 years and the wooden legs are falling off!

Cook Once, Eat Twice

^^ This is the motto I’ve been embracing this year and it’s going swimmingly well. We had Mona Lisa lasagna with parmesan broccoli one night. 

And the lasagna leftovers with salad the next.

And these Blue Apron Chorizo Enchiladas carried us two delicious nights as well. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful spring week.

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