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Three Strikes You’re Out


Three Strikes You’re Out

…at the old ballgame! We took the boys to a UVA baseball game this weekend….and spent hours cleaning white foam balls off the porch. Here’s our weekend recap!

We had gorgeous weather for most of the weekend!

Friday Furniture Assembly

On Friday afternoon I assembled the new rocking chairs I bought for the screened porch. We wanted something with a little more cushion and a shorter profile, and we needed the former wicker rockers for more seating on the patio. 

PACKAGING – UGH! At least Birch had fun. 

Orange ya glad…

These are the rockers we bought. I have to admit, I am not happy with the color. I thought “natural” was going to match our table. I maybe should have tried to exchange them before assembly, and now that they’re assembled I don’t know what to do. I like everything about them but the color of the wood, which looked a lot different in the photos. I feel like we have too many shades of wood out here now! I might move these to the front porch and bring the gray ones in here….TBD. 

Happy hour snacks while I worked:

We had Blue Apron shrimp tacos on the front porch while the boys played! The mix of flavors and ingredients here were SO GOOD. 

(The boys had already eaten.)

We started The Queen’s Gambit on Friday night – SO GOOD too!

Saturday Pancakes

Sheet Pan Pancakes made by Birch!

Firehose Game

Soccer Game

I had a call with a new Beautycounter consultant on my team, and then gobbled down a spinach salad with tuna before heading to Mazen’s soccer game. Beautiful weather!

Afterwards we shared a Kohr Bros Snowstorm!! The best!

UVA Baseball

After a quick turnaround we headed over to the UVA baseball game! 

When Thomas suggested it I was immediately like “Um, no we’re not going to a crowded sporting event!” but after researching the COVID protocols, we felt good about it being all outside and at very reduced capacity. It ended up being a great activity! Everyone wore masks the whole time (unless eating or drinking) and there was plenty of space on the hill where we had our tickets. 

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Loved it >>

Maze has gotten into baseball lately, and this was his first game. These two boys spent the whole time laughing and hoping for a foul ball. They were tossed a ball each by players from the field! 

Quick Din

The kids had snacks/food at the game for dinner, and I saved my appetite for leftover shrimp tacos when I got home. Plus a glass of wine!


Leftover pancakes! I always make sheet pan pancakes with the intention of having them to eat all week, and our family consumes the whole pan in 2 days!

Brother helping brother with shoes <3 

Just a little Sunday golf. This popup net is great for toddler play!

Blue Apron meal prep done and done. 

Pre-Soccer Lunch

I had kid food before 1.5 soccer games. My stomach can’t handle a salad or much veg (or anything with a lot of flavor) before I’m going to run for a few hours. That’s coconut water in the jar! 

Fishin’ on the dock

While I was at soccer, Thomas dropped Birch off with Nona and Grandpa and took Mazen to a special fishin’ hole. Look what they caught!

Toddler Helper

Picking mint leaves…

Stirring the marinade…

The little Blue Apron bottles are perfect for toddler dumping. Sure I could measure with a spoon, but the “open and pour” format of Blue Apron made cooking with Birch so much faster and neater. 

Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s Soy Ginger Shrimp

Yup – we had shrimp for all three dinners this weekend!! Lol – we didn’t even think about it until this one was on the table. Good thing we all love shrimp!

For 4 weeks Blue Apron is partnering with Chef Roy Yamaguchi, an award-winning Japanese-American chef and co-founder of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, to bring a series of Fresh-Hawaiian inspired recipes to the menu soon. This recipe had lemongrass, ginger, mint, and soy plus crispy fried garlic. It was delicious, especially with my post-soccer citrusy Minute Man IPA! (The current offer is $80 off across your first 4 boxes if you want to give these Hawaiian recipes a try. Reminder – I’m a Blue Apron partner this year!)

That’s a wrap my friends!

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