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Newborn Essentials (for Mama and Baby!)


Newborn Essentials (for Mama and Baby!)

Ahhhh…newborn essentials! How does such a tiny human come with SO much stuff?!

I remember feeling super overwhelmed when it came to making sure I had everything I needed for baby Max’s arrival. A lot of what I thought I’d need I didn’t end up using (hello, Dockatot!) and some of the smallest items ended up being the most useful. While every mama and baby are so different when it comes to needs, I hope this guide is helpful for your baby planning!


YogaSleep Sound Machines: If you take one thing from this post, take my sound machine advice. We take these everywhere. In the stroller, the car seat, next to his crib…they’re the best. I have this portable one, this bigger one that we now use in our room, and this smaller one that we keep by his crib (which also functions as a night light). Turn them on the loudest setting (the womb sounds like a vacuum cleaner!) and watch the sleepy magic happen. I wanted a simple on and off sound machine that didn’t have anything fancy, which is why I’m obsessed with YogaSleep.

Lovevery Play Gym: This is probably our most used item! We do tummy (and back) time on this many times a day.

Bassinet with these sheets: Love this affordable bassinet. Max slept in this for about 8 weeks before we transitioned him to the crib. The best part is that it was easy to rock, which helped soothe him back to sleep.

BABYBJÖRN Bouncer: Max just adores this thing! He likes it a lot more now that he’s a little older. He will happily chill in it while I’m in the kitchen making dinner or getting things done around the house.

Diaper Bag: I love this backpack! I wanted something that didn’t scream baby and this is it. Love all the compartments!

VAVA Baby Monitor: We wanted a monitor that wasn’t connected to WiFi and this has worked perfectly for us.

Boppy Lounger: We used the Boppy a ton the first month when he wasn’t doing naps in the bassinet yet. It was a great comfy place to put baby down! We also had the Dockatot handed down but we pretty much only used the Boppy.

First Years Tub (and this body wash): Bubbi loves this tub! The newborn sling is perfect for him. Foaming body wash makes for super easy washing!

Nuna MIXX Stroller and Car Seat Travel System: This is a bigger ticket item which probably won’t be on your registry, but I figure I’d include the stroller and carseat we went with since we are so happy with them both (and this is the best deal I’ve seen). I’m really glad I went with such a lightweight carseat since we used that a lot to carry him into places when we didn’t want to get out the stroller.

BABYBJÖRN Carrier: A great  sturdy carrier for outdoors or indoors. The best part is that you don’t need someone else to put it!

Pack and Play: This is awesome for travel when you don’t have a crib, and I love how easy it is to carry.

Clothing and Accessories

Bandana Bibs: We started using these a month in and it was a game changer for feeding when it comes to catching spit up. That means less outfit changes!

Burp Cloths: Love these adorable and soft burp clothes. These are great basic ones as well. We probably have 20 burp cloths and I still don’t feel like it’s enough.

BIBS Pacifiers: Our favorite pacifiers, hands down! They stay in Max’s mouth longer than others.

Cloud Island Sleepers: We got a bunch of newborn and 0-3 sizes of these onesies and they’re just perfect. So affordable too, which is great since they grow out o these so quickly. I also have this, this, this and this set!

Zutano Baby Booties: These are some of the only booties that actually stay on. So warm and cozy, too!

Sneaker Socks: Beyond adorable and they actually stay on! They upgrade any outfit. We love to hike them up over his pants so they’re extra secure.

Love to Dream Swaddle: This swaddle is amazing because it just zips right up, so it couldn’t be easier to get on. Baby likes his hands up, so this was a winner for us. We got the newborn and the small size.

Happiest Baby Swaddle: Obsessed with these! Easy Velcro and zip, and baby was very happy with them. His arms started sneaking out around 10 weeks, so I’d stick to the small and medium sizes (the medium fits our 12 week old who’s on the smaller side).

Ollie Swaddle: We currently use the Ollie swaddle during the night because it’s the most secure and keeps his arms in. We didn’t start using this until about 8 weeks but we fell in love with it pretty quickly. It seems to currently be sold out everywhere!


Reusable Changing Pad Liners: We have two sets of these and they’re a game changer so you don’t have to wash the changing table cover every time there’s a blow out. SO easy!

Diaper Pail: We love this guy for all the stinky diapers.

Diaper Caddy: So convenient for housing butt paste, butt paste applicator, our favorite lotion, and all over ointment (get 10% off at checkout!).

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LED Nursery Bear Nightlight: We use this on the red setting during our bedtime routine as it’s great for providing some light that won’t keep baby awake. I love that it’s silicone and that you can move it around wherever you want, plus it’s adorable.


Butt Paste Silicone Spatula (with this Butt Paste): A must for applying diaper rash cream without having to dirty your hands!

Oxo Bottle Brush with Cleaner: Essential for cleaning bottles without having to use something that’s touched a bunch of dirty dishes with food. Make sure you have some kind of basin to house all the dirty bottles, too.

Countertop Drying Rack: Great for drying bottles and lids separately from food dishes.

Philips Avent Baby Bottles: These are our favorite bottles. The slow release nipples worked great early on to prevent him from eating too quickly and 12 weeks in, we still use them. I love that they can fit 6oz of milk now that we’re feeding him that much, which means I don’t have to buy another set of bigger bottles.

Gripe Water: We use this when baby has hiccups or an upset stomach and it seems to help. He loves it!


Stroller Organizer: Love this for housing my cell phone, keys, drink, headphones, etc.

Oogie Bear: I use this all the time to get those tiny boogers out!

Freddie the Firefly Toy: Max only has one toy right now LOL but boy does he love Freddie! He is so enamored with this toy, and it keeps him happy while he’s on his back.

MotherLove Birth & Baby Oil: I love this for a little baby massage at night. It smells amazing and I use it on myself, too! Use code HUMMUSAPIEN for 15% off!

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment: I use the everyday lotion followed by this ointment and it works great for getting rid of stubborn dry skin patches. We also used both of those products after washing his hair to get rid of cradle cap and it helped! That link will get you 10% off at checkout.

For Mama’s Recovery

Organic Perineal Balm: I was so unprepared for the added challenge of recovering physically from birth. I had a second degree tear and this was one of the only products that provided lasting relief for the pain and itching of healing down there. It was so soothing to me, especially right out of the fridge.

Magnesium Capsules: These made all the difference for me when I started having a lot of pain going to the bathroom (either hemorrhoids or fissures, not sure which one). I’d take two of these at night and everything was a lot better in the morning! I still one every day.

Nipple Cream: I love all things Mother Earth! I flew through this stuff when I was feeding directly from the breast. Use code HUMMUSAPIEN for 15% off!

Diapers: Soooo much better than the hospital underwear and pad combo, especially when you start to pee your pants out of nowhere, LOL.

Sitz Spray: Another great soothing option when recovering from a vaginal birth. Use code HUMMUSAPIEN for 15% off!

For Breastfeeding/Pumping

I use the Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow.

Comfiest Pumping Bras: Larken bras totally changed the game for me. I bought countless uncomfortable ones that I dreaded putting on. This one is like butter on your skin, plus you can wear it all day and not have to put something on just for pumping. Now these are the only ones I wear! Use code HUMMUSAPIEN10 for 10% off

Sterilizing Bags: These save SO much time when it comes to sanitizing bottles, pump parts, and pacifiers. Truly a life saver!

Freezer Storage Organizer: I love this guy because it flattens the milk (I use these bags) to make for easy storage later. It also helps organize it by date.

More Milk Moringa: I took two of these a day to help boost my milk supply and it totally did the trick for me! Use code HUMMUSAPIEN for 15% off!

Cute Pumping Bag: If you want a work or diaper bag that can also store all your pumping stuff, this is an awesome option. I love the laptop case holder!

Breast Milk Cooler Bag: Great for milk on the go and also to leave upstairs for middle of the night pumping when you don’t want to go downstairs.

Now tell me—what were your essentials?!

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