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Summer Shoes For Kids


Summer Shoes For Kids

If you’re looking for summer shoes for kids, here are the ones we bought for this season. 

kids shoes lined up

Summer Shoes For Kids

My kids can usually wear clothes for 1.5-2 seasons, but wow do they blow through shoes!

By the end of the season, my kids’ shoes are torn up no matter what price they were. I took advantage of an Old Navy sale recently (and my Athleta card rewards 😎 ) and stocked up on summer shoes for both kids. Here’s what we got!  

Toddler Shoes For Birch

Birch needs shoes that he can easily slip on himself in these categories: flip flops, water shoes, close-toed running shoes, and dressier sandals. 

While I’m not sure he’ll be able to put on the sandals yet, the others are great for him to put on himself. We love “Natives” (and their look-alikes) for summertime. We bought a pair of Reef flip flops on Bald Head out of necessity – last year’s Natives would not go on! 

Note I love blues and grays!

summer shoes for kids assortment

  1. Summer Perforated Shoes
  2. Textured-Knit Slip-Ons for Toddler
  3. Chambray Sandals for Toddlers
  4. Reef Flip Flops >>

toddler flip flops

Sidebar: The Best Shorts

I am going back for more of these shorts because we’re learning that with potty training we need more shorts ASAP! These are awesome for summer – easy to pull on and super lightweight, airy material! I love the sharks and dinos. 

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Big Kid Shoes For Mazen

Mazen wore these same leather flip flops every. single. day. last summer. He also needs water shoes for a fishing camp he’s attending this summer! And slides for soccer practice and running outside quickly to get something. (He currently already has a few pair of lace up running shoes, so I didn’t include those.)

summer kids shoes assortment

  1. Leather Flip Flops
  2. Water Sandals
  3. Slides
  4. Alligator Swim Trunks
  5. Kids Masks

I also couldn’t resist the Alligator swim trunks after our BHI encounter!! And you can never have too many masks when it’s 7 a.m. and you can’t find one that doesn’t “smell bad” (eye roll).

kids shoes and swim trunks

Happy Feet For Moms

All Occasion Sandals

My sister texted to tell me that I NEED these sandals. At such a great price, I had to give them a try. She was right – the beds are SO comfortable. And I needed some dressier sandals. Hope to get lots of wear out of them this summer!

rose gold sandals from target

Cozy Feet

And lastly, I bought more Bombas Socks! It had been a while since I had new cushy running socks, and I love Bombas’ mission to get socks on the feet of those in need. There are super cute colors too! Great for Mother’s Day.

AND Bombas just came out with underwear!! I wish I had seen or known when I placed my order. I’d love to try the thong. I also love that they have all kinds of bodies showcased as models. A+ Bombas!

rose gold sandals from target with bombas socks

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