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The Best Safer Sunscreen


The Best Safer Sunscreen

With summer around the corner, our sunscreen stash is stocked and ready! I’m sharing why we’re serious about using safer sunscreen for the whole family. 

Kath holding Countersun bottles

We recently spent Spring Break at Bald Head Island, and while it wasn’t sizzling summer heat, we had our full stash of sunscreen on standby so we could still protect our skin. As you probably know, it’s important to use SPF even on cloudy days!

How I Switched To Safer Sunscreen

I’ve shared about all of the other clean beauty essentials we use in our household, whether that’s Counterman products for Thomas, hand soap by the bathroom sink, or body wash for the kids. I honestly love the products and love them even more knowing that the company mission aligns with my own to support sustainability and reef-safe sunscreens. 

Sunscreen was actually my gateway into Beautycounter.

You might recall that we went to the Florida Keys when Birch was about 6 months old. I picked up some cheap chemical spray sunscreen at the grocery store while we were there, and I just felt really yucky about spraying it all over the kids and me.

I remembered that my mom had given me some Beautycounter sunscreen she ordered through her friend, and I vowed to buy some more when I got home.

That very same day my long-time blog friend Teri reached out to me about Beautycounter in general, and I knew if I was placing a big sunscreen order I might as well sign up as a consultant to get a discount. Once I decided to switch to safer sunscreen, I committed to detoxing all of our personal care products at the same time.

The Sheer Face Sunscreen is perfect for everyday use under makeup!

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