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It Takes A Village


It Takes A Village

The Need for Community

A few weeks ago, on the most gorgeous warm sunny day we’d had yet this spring, I texted a few of my friends to see if they wanted to meet up at King Family Vineyards in the afternoon. To my surprise, everyone was free. 

It was incredible to see our children play together.

(Which they did happily for a good hour without really needing us for anything!)

While these three have gotten to see each other a few times this past year (and two of them go to the same school) they haven’t really gotten to PLAY. Rough and tumble, run-through-the-grass adventure play.

We have definitely gotten outside on adventures as a family unit, but as we all know, it’s much more fun if you have a friend your own age to laugh with. 

Some of the same bunch at King Family for their first birthday!

The last time I was a toddler parent I had a wonderful community

Since the pandemic began, we have done very few playdates with friends for either of our kids out of an abundance of caution.

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When I was having a down day this winter, I was telling Thomas how when Mazen was 2, I used to have so much fun with the other moms of toddlers. We’d meet at the gym in the morning, meet up at our houses or playgrounds in the afternoon, or take the kids on a day trip somewhere. I told Thomas how much I missed the community, conversation, and support that came from being surrounded by friends in the same parenting stage as I was. 

With a bunch of friends at the same vineyard with baby Mazen!

The worst of both worlds

Also recently my friend Hillary (who also has a toddler) shared this TikTok video and it really struck home for me. 

Emily says:

“This past year of pandemic parenting has truly been the worst of both worlds. The worst parts of parenting: Being bored and stuck at home, not having resources, not having community, not having support, have been amplified. And the best parts: Watching your kid explore the world, watching their joy and have it be your joy as they explore the world, have been completely absent.  

If you became a parent in this past year, this is not what parenting is like.”

I cannot wait for more days like this as we come out of this pandemic hole. The two friends I was with are fully vaccinated, and I am almost out of the two week wait after my second dose. The weight lifted off our shoulders feels incredible. 

Raising toddlers is never easy, but it sure is much more fun with friends by your side <3 

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