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Snippets of life lately…

Saturday Night Date Night 

We went out to dinner on Saturday night after the zoo and it was GLORIOUS! 

We made early reservations at The Fitzroy on the patio, which was ideal for people watching. 

Blackberry Bruschetta

with whipped goat cheese, crispy prosciutto, and basil!

Every time I got to The Fitzoy I have to get the black garlic kale salad. This time with shrimp! It’s so good.

T had the hot honey fried chicken! And we had the above ice cream cones for dessert.

Lunch at Pippin Hill

I wore a dress!!! And went out with friends!! What normal activities that are bringing so much joy. 

Some friends and I went to lunch at Pippin Hill on a beautiful spring day.

We enjoyed a cheese board, split a bottle of the Viognier. I had the most delicious fried green tomato and pimento cheese sliders.

Note to self: make pimento cheese soon!

Soccer Gals Meetup

I also went out with some soccer friends! We had drinks and dinner at Zocalo and sent this photo to our “coach” aka captain. It was SO NICE to be out to dinner with friends again!! 

(If you’re curious, everyone I’ve been out with is fully vaccinated too.)

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Spring is in full swing

And our bushes are looking great! Our back yard hill is already brown though. It’s only green for one month a year! We have to fix that. Maybe we should just dig it up and put in a pool 😎 

Cousin Time!

aka water blasting season. These guys have been doing lots of fishing at their grandparents’ house too! 

Birch is learning to pedal

And scoot!

Although more often than not we’re pushing him on each or he’s walking next to the wheels.

He’s also learning to cook…

No seriously!

Check out the fast forward video in this post!

We made a quiche together!

This is such a good way to kill two birds with one stone. He is THRILLED to have “work” to do, and he runs to get his stool anytime he sees me pulling out the cutting board. I’ve been pleased with how many little small tasks I’ve been able to give him, even if it’s just moving chopped ingredients from one bowl to another to keep him busy. 

Blue Apron Truffle Quiche

This quiche was fabulous with truffle zest, mushrooms, zucchini, and spinach. 

And a half bottle Riesling to go with from the Blue Apron wine collection! 

All The Bagels

You would think I was 8 weeks pregnant with how many bagels I’ve been eating!! (I’m not – :mrgreen: ) Thomas has been picking up a dozen of the Bodo’s cinnamon raisin every other week or so, and it’s always what I’m craving when I wake up.

I know this sounds like a cat food commercial, but sometimes I crave “wet” food breakfasts like smoothies, yogurt bowls, cereal with milk, sometimes I crave “warming” breakfasts like scrambled eggs or oatmeal, and other times it’s “dry” breakfasts like bagels or power toast! I’ve been on a dry food kick for a while 🙂 

Seriously, it’s been bagel + fruit nearly every day for the past 3 weeks!

Finally, I’ll leave you with the love note I found on my desk this morning <3 

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