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Real Food + Life Lately


Real Food + Life Lately

Here are a bunch of photos and thoughts from life lately!

The Best Fish Sandwich

^^ This sandwich was one of the best we’ve ever had! It was a Blue Apron dinner with tilapia, pickles, garlicky remoulade, and the most squishy, chewy, delicious bread. Thomas in particular was obsessed!

Blue Apron has a special Memorial Day promo going on: $100 off across your first 5 boxes. Get some easy summer recipes on the way! Also: did you know they have a Meal Prep box? Everything you need for prep day and recipes comes in one box. I just did a week of it – if you’re a prepper, you’ll love it. 

Birch helped us make the roasted broc!

Breakfasts >>

Oatmeal with almond butter + berries

Muffin Yogurt

Remember the crumbled muffin yogurt bowl? It came back after a visit to Great Harvest!! I love their Morning Glory muffins.

Lunches >>

Bagel + salad with greens from my in-laws’ garden!

Scramble with berries + chips

Big salad bowl with chips

Surprise Bodos Bagel + salad shared with T!

Daily Harvest Bowl!

This Daily Harvest bowl was so great on empty fridge day. Loved the mushrooms! I added yogurt and sriracha for spice. 

Dinners >>

Classic turkey pasta

Another Blue Apron dinner that was a winner for the whole crew – Romesco Turkey & Ditali Pasta. Loved this little pasta shape!

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Bold Rock with a view

We went to our first social event up on Carter’s Mountain and watched our friend’s band!

For dinner: Softshell crab sandwiches and fries from the Heard! food truck!

The cutest boy on the way to the concert:

Low alcohol drink option: Pip’s Piquette

This is Pip’s Piquette which is a low alcohol (2.5%) wine spritzer made from 100% Viognier. This is my choice on weeknights when I’m supposed to not be drinking 😉  

Soccer season ends with a win!

A few weekends ago we ended our women’s league season with a tournament win! This was totally unexpected since we didn’t have the greatest season. We arrived at the field thinking we’d play one game and get eliminated, but we had an awesome player join us for the tournament and our team finally came together as one! We played THREE games that day, and I ran about 11 miles. It was insane on my legs!

Those of you on Instagram probably saw that the week prior I got kicked badly on the inside of my leg. This bruise was so deep I still have a knot under there. 

After two solids days of rest after the soccer tourney, I’ve doing lots of strength training lately! Boot camps on the Peloton are my favorite because they are 20 minutes of strength and 20 minutes of cycle. The perfect split not to get bored!

Beautycounter Memorial Day Promo

If you spend $125, you get your choice between a free mini Overnight Peel OR Countertime Night Cream – my two favorite age prevention products! Want recommendations from me? Fill out this form!


Lastly: fishing is all the rage for these two. Too bad Birch yells the whole time and scares away the fish!

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