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All The Liquids!


All The Liquids!

From water tables to wine, here’s what we’ve been sipping and splashing!

Love Is Organic 

Thomas and I had the chance to go to Loving Cup Vineyard recently, which just happens to be right down the road from his parents’ house. We dropped off the kids and enjoyed a nice hour of tasting wine!

Loving Cup is Virginia’s only certified-organic vineyard and winery

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the wines were great!! 

Our favorites were the Loving Cup White 2018 and the Loving Cup Red 2019 – we bought bottles of both. 

The views were spectacular, too. 

Other Wines I’ve Loved

These two wines were both delicious for porch sittin’. The Dove Hunt Rosé and the Evolution from Blue Apron wine. 

Water Table Fun

Back at the homestead, Birch was having a blast with his water table. 

This is the one we have

It was only a matter of time before tons of mulch and rocks joined the pool 😆 

Coffee Machine Update

Remember when our coffee maker broke? Here’s the one we bought to replace it! 

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Our requirements included programmable brewing, automatic, 12 cups, stainless carafe, and a few other small details, so this one fit our needs. The coffee is great!

Other models you guys recommended that we considered (you guys have opinions as strong as I like my coffee!). 

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We like that our Breville matches the electric kettle. So far so good!

Smoothie Kick

Speaking of liquids, I’m back on a smoothie kick!

Daily Harvest plus a little vanilla protein and whole milk is my ideal blend!

Hot Yoga is Also Back

Of course now that it’s super hot outside, I chose to go back. But it’s one of the biggest things I missed all winter during the pandemic! I did a 90-minute power flow and didn’t miss a beat. Love!!

Summer berries are back too!!

And kale chips!

When the seasons change, so do the taste buds.

Dinners That Rocked >> 

Blue Apron has been keeping our menu rockin’ and meals rotating through creative combos that I would never think to plan. Loved all of these dinners.

This Blue Apron Pork + Rice Bowl

Hot Honey Chicken with Panzanella 

Pork with Dijon Sauce and Roasted Veg

Panko Chicken

THE BEST with that sauce!

Dinner at the In-Laws’

Lamb burgers, salad, and corn on the cob!

That’s a wrap! 

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