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Thomas’s Favorite Things


Thomas’s Favorite Things

Father’s Day is around the corner (Sunday, June 20), so I rounded up a list a Thomas’s favorite things in a neat and tidy Father’s Day Gift Guide to give you some ideas for your partner or dad. Feel free to recommend more in the comments!


Are the guys in your life difficult to shop for?

With Father’s Day around the corner, I started to think about what we’d gift to Thomas and the dads in our life. It got me thinking about Thomas’s favorite things that he uses regularly (often daily!), and thought I’d share them with you in the event you’re looking for ideas. Practical gifts with a sense of style plus the items men need, but rarely buy for themselves.

Without further ado, here’s the 2021 KERF Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Untuckit Shirts

Thomas just got two of these shirts at our local shop and they are a perfect fit!

Untuckit shirts have that just-right length (hence the name), come in different fits for all shapes and sizes, and look sharp while still being casual. If you don’t have a store you can visit, you can also find Untuckit shirts on Amazon.

J.Crew Boxers

Some men just really need a woman to buy them the essentials. These are Thomas’s go-to!

OXO Meat Thermometer

Does your guy like to grill? This OXO meat thermometer is little on the pricey side, but never fails us. It has a sleek look and an instant read. We use it year-round, but it gets a lot of love during grilling season. 

Travis Matthew Hat

When they love something, get them multiple. Thomas has FIVE of these hats! (You might have seen Mazen wearing his oldest one!) T has a hard time finding hats that fit his head, so once he found this one, he never went back! In fact, he went from blue to black. 

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Yeti Colster

Yetis keep everything c-o-l-d, which makes this the best beer koozie around. It’s great for sparkling water and beer alike, especially on hot summer beach days! We also both have these coffee tumblers – best coffee mug ever (and we have tried a lot!).

Men’s Bombas Socks

Bombas are the best socks (I love them, too!). They come in all different styles, but the comfort is consistent with all the pairs we’ve tried. The men’s colors are so pretty!

Simms UPF Sun Shirt

This is what Thomas wears on the beach all week. It’s flowy and cool and he doesn’t need a bunch of sunscreen for a short trip out because it’s UPF 50.

Counterman Men’s Skincare

I find that most guys fall into one of two camps:

  • They have a routine they REALLY like and are super loyal to, OR
  • They really don’t care or think about what they use (most men, right!?)

If your man is in the first camp, he’s the perfect guy to introduce to Counterman because it’s a high-end product line that was designed specifically for men’s skin that is typically thicker and oiler. If he’s in the second camp, he’ll use whatever you put in the shower or on the counter. Again, ideal candidate. Either way, you both win because he’s using safer products which is really the end goal here. 

UVA Decor

A bit more personal, custom gifts from Etsy are always fun. Thomas is a big UVA fan, so I’ve been eyeing some new décor for his office or dresser. I also found this Lego version of Scott Stadium which would be great for either Mazen or Thomas! I wonder how long it would take for Mazen to smash it….

Apple AirPods

Guess who put his old AirPods through the wash. Womp womp. He got the latest updated Apple AirPods – the noise cancelling ones – and they are awesome. The shape fits better than the originals, and the noise cancelling is superb. (Perfect for when he’s watching some sports movie on Netflix 🙂 ) And if your guy doesn’t have a Kindle yet, he doesn’t know how much he will love it until he has one! My father-in-law reads the newspaper on his : ) 

The Big Green Egg

You have one lucky dad if this is what you gift for Father’s Day because this is not a cheap grill + smoker! But of all the gifts Thomas has ever received, this is his all-time favorite toy. He got it for a combo birthday and Christmas gift a few years ago, and he uses every weekend – especially in the summer! He loves to smoke ribs, pork, and chicken, and sometimes we grill pizzas. FYI, his is the large size.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

T’s favorite sunglasses that he wears ALL of the time! He wears the Copra style.

Gift Card to Golf Galaxy

If your partner is anything like mine, he loves golf with all his heart. I can never pick out what he needs (new gloves, balls, etc.), so I get him a gift card and he always loves it.

Lululemon Men’s Joggers

I got T a gift card to Lulu for his birthday last year and he chose these joggers. They are his everyday around-the-house pants (and they look so good on him!) He also has a pair of the ABC pants and loves those, too. Annnnnddd some of the softest t-shirts ever

What are you gifting the men in your life?

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