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Reminder To Rest


Reminder To Rest

rest is an active choice quote by jenna kutcher
woman resting in the ocean

All of the podcasts I love were emphasizing the importance of rest recently. The reminder to rest hit home, and I’ll be doing just that next week!

quote with a reminder to rest

Do you ever have those days where you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something? 

Recently I was listening to all my favorite podcasts, and one after another the topic was the same: REST. 

Maybe it’s this time of year, or maybe the Law of Attraction decided to send a message my way: a reminder to rest. 

Jenna Kutcher on Rest

This episode of the Goal Digger Podcast was spot on about entrepreneurs not taking time to rest and recharge because the lines are so blurry between work and home. 

Jenna said most entrepreneurs take a week of vacation a year, and that week often comes with reluctance and guilt. 

“Rest is an active choice,” she said.

While I do not claim to be a workaholic or in a career I don’t appreciate every day, I can say that over the course of my 14-ish years of blogging I can think of maybe 1-2 weeks total that I didn’t log on in some shape or form, whether that was actually writing posts or keeping up with comments and email. 

I will add that I usually work on vacation because I want to not because I have to. But Jenna says that shouldn’t matter. Unplugging is necessary.

She recommends 4 weeks a year where you are totally 100% unplugged. The rest is more about being offline than it is traveling to exotic destinations. Staycations count too!

I love this quote from her:

“Make sure you’re not sacrificing your life in order to make a living.”

rest is an active choice quote by jenna kutcher

Choose FI Podcast on Rest

The literal next podcast episode that played for me was from my favorite Choose FI podcast, and the theme was work-life balance.

The episode brought up the idea of a Red X month. Brad and Jonathan take the month of August off of their business to travel, unplug, and reset. They literally put a red X on the calendar so nothing can be scheduled. 

The episode also mentioned “sneaking back to the computer” on the regular at the cost of family time – something I have been known to do. 

We know that one of the goals of the FI movement is to be able to choose to work rather than feel that you have to. But does that lead to other problems, like work-life balance issues? 

What’s Essential Podcast on Rest

Then the next podcast that played is a new-to-me podcast about Essentialism. 

I first heard Greg McKeown speak on another podcast, and I immediately connected with the word essentialism. I often talk about minimalism, but minimalism often implies living with the bare minimum. Living bare bones has never been my goal, but essentialism as a concept made sense to me immediately: Remove the fluff from your life and spend your energy on the things that are most essential. 

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In the episode Rest: The Art of Doing Nothing, Greg talks about how those who identify as overachievers have a harder time resting than working. Going back to Jenna’s quote “Rest is an active choice” I could feel the same themes popping up again. 

It is hard for me to sit and do nothing. I like to produce, to accomplish, and to check things off a list. So much so that I will often add things to my completed list just to keep accomplishing and working ahead. The only time I really sit and do nothing is Saturday nap time for Birch, which is when I often have to force myself to read.

I do not share this as a humble brag about work ethic – I am not the world’s hardest working person (far from it!). But I bring this all up because it’s how my brain is wired. As they are saying, it is hard for me to turn my brain off and unplug. It is not my natural tendency. 

I also don’t think you need a high-powered CEO job to know you need to rest.

Whether you’re a CEO, a surgeon, or a mom of 4 running a household, everyone needs and deserves rest. 

In the very next episode titled Optimizing Your Life with Deliberate Recovery, Dr. Greg Wells said “Rest is a responsibility.” Burnout is not a badge of honor. 

He then went on to recommend a 1,2,3 approach:
  • 1 hour a day to rest the mind: spend time in nature, socialize, work on a hobby, read, meditate, move your body.
  • 2 days per month to completely unplug (this could be one weekend or 2 different days).
  • 3 weeks per year to make yourself unreachable. (That word is scary to me!) 

It’s a myth that you have to work hard to play hard and that you have to suffer to deserve rest.

Reminder To Rest

Next week we’ll be heading to the beach with my family. 

Normally there are laptops scattered about, “morning times” scheduled where we get up before the kids to catch up online, phones out at cocktail hour. 

Each year that passes this seems to get a little bit worse.

I am DETERMINED to unplug this week.

And while I am sure you will see some Instagram posts (which I will argue take me 2 minutes to publish 😆 ) I’m hoping to take a week off.

No posts are scheduled – because that would just mean I’d be checking comments and publish times! 

It doesn’t make sense to me to work extra hard the week before and the week after a trip just to rest in the middle. 

Rest recharges us. It helps us thinking more clearly, prioritize what’s important in both our business and our life, and gives us a greater appreciation for the things we have. The rest isn’t so much about not working as it is about filling your rest time with enriching activities that you otherwise wouldn’t “have time for.” 

I’ll see you on the other side with some recaps, hopefully feeling as relaxed as this woman!

woman resting in the ocean


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