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End Of School Dayz


End Of School Dayz

Hi!!!!!!!! We are home from the beach, and I’m coming atcha with two days worth of recaps later this week. Before I do, however, I want to share the pics from our week before we left for vacation – the last week of school! I thought about skipping over these pics, but the haircut ones must be preserved in the KERF diary archives 😎 

But First, Prime Day

Also, Happy Prime Day! If you’re looking for tech gadgety things, I have our favs in this Smart Home post : ) Also: Kindle For Kids is the #1 Amazon Product I recommend. Read my review here. Mazen still gets a lot of use out of it, especially connected to our library. 

Question for you guys: We have an iPad that is generally Mazen’s and love it. I love all things Apple. But the Amazon Fire Tablets are on sale for $69 today!!! Birch needs a tablet for car trips and waiting room situations to watch Peppa and Daniel Tiger. Anyone have a Fire Tablet and an opinion on one vs. another iPad down the road?

Breakfasts >>

Hot oatmeal meets cold berry parfait. 

Almond Crunch Cheerios with strawberries

General Mills sends me their latest new cereals and this was one of my all-time favorites!

Daily Harvest Oat Bowl in an Almond Butter Jar

The Daily Harvest Oat Bowls are a fun alternative to the stovetop when I need something microwaved and quick. I loved the mulberries in this one! We used to have a mulberry tree at my neighbor’s house growing up, and I can still taste them in my mind just picked warm from the sun. 

Lunches >>

Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette + Parmesan Crisps

These two ingredients have been my favorite salad toppers lately! I am super picky about bottled dressings and this one is very good! Probably because it’s also very simple. And Parm Crisps – obsessed! 

With greens, sweet potatoes, blue cheese, truffle almonds, and berries.

Splash Park Fun

While Mazen was finishing up his 2nd grade year, Birch and I snuck away to the splash park! He had a blast. 

Virtual Day

One of Mazen’s day was virtual and brought back haunting memories of our virtual 2/3 of a year 😈 The school part went fine, but the asking-for-a-snack-every-30-minutes distractions I am very happy to leave in 2nd grade. 

Birch sat in for morning announcements! 

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Did you notice the super shaggy hair from behind? I took both boys for haircuts before the beach. This was Birch’s first big boy haircut not by me!


But boy do I love a good cut on these handsome fellas!!

Neighborhood Food Truck Party

Our neighbor had the Farmacy Food Truck come to our block and we had an end-of-the-year bash. It was one of the first post-vax parties we’ve been to and was weird and fun! 

This epic quesadilla was filled with beans, cheese, and peppers. 

Blue Apron Meals

Blue Apron is having a new promo of 10 meals for free and have just launched Butcher bundles and add-ons (apps, sides and desserts!!).

We loved this salmon dish with farro, roasted veggies, and special sauce (of course)

And this fig chicken is a repeat I choose anytime I see it! One of our favorites. 

Family Pizza Night

Last-day-of-class celebration on the porch with homemade pizza and salad. 

Happy Summer!

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