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Kids Charcuterie Board 


Kids Charcuterie Board

Turn all your kids’ favorite snacks into a kids charcuterie board pretty enough even grown-ups will want to eat it! 

Kids Charcuterie Board on a wooden coffee table

We grown-ups love our charcuterie boards! But stinky blue cheese, spicy meats, and Kalamata olives aren’t always at the top of every toddler’s list of favorite foods.

So I built a kids charcuterie board, modeled after the popular Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board from a few years back, that is packed with my children’s favorite foods! 

This board would be great for a family-friendly party or a special occasion snack.

close up of Kids Charcuterie Board assembled

Kids Charcuterie Board 

I started the planning process by making a list of all the kid-friendly foods I could think of, making sure to include a variety of food categories and flavors: sweet, salty, crunchy, fresh, dried, dippy. 

Some kids love cheese and some kids love cucumbers, and there is a little bit of everything involved! Most of the ingredients I would consider healthy. I added the chocolatey trail mix and animal crackers to lure them in! Super fun : ) 

Kids love animal crackers, but you could use any of the alphabet-shaped cookies too! 

I picked up a few extra fresh ingredients from the store, but most of them came directly from our pantry. Snacks are more fun when presented in colorful ways, amiright? 

Kids Charcuterie Board from above assembled

How To Make A Kids Charcuterie Board

Step one: procure ingredients

I shopped at stores and my pantry for a mix. I focused on fresh fruits and vegetables, added some proteins and whole grain crackers, and filled in the cracks with trail mix, raisins, and Goldfish!

*Be mindful of choking hazards for younger kids*

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